4 thoughts on “Hungry Squirrel

  1. We have the same affliction of being unable to not take pics of those silly squirrels eating bits and bobs in the back yard! One day I’ll catch one, and squeeze him (lovingly).

  2. At one of the old places I lived in with my old roommate, I once came home to see an open bag of tortilla chips with chips on the counter. I figured my roommate must have been very hungry. When she came home, she wondered what I did. We finally realized a squirrel came in through the window to raid our chips… and jumped back out the window? Crazy squirrels!! I also have a crazy bat story at the same place…

  3. Taylor – On the one hand I wanna squeeze em too, but on the other I’m positive they have rabies. From a distance, those guys are super-cute, especially when they’re munching.

    Miss Adventure – Canada is WILD! The squirrels here dash away from all humans. I’m glad the squirrel at your old place didn’t touch the salsa 😉 I know how much you love salsa.

    Bern – Two nuts are better than one! You always think I’m kidding. Why’s that?

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