Feb 2009

The Cupcakery – St. Louis

The transition from “trend” to “staple” is best illustrated by Uggs—a plush boot that’s easy on the feet and questionably easy on the eyes. Sometime during the fall of 2003, everyone and their mother, in cold climes and downright hot ones, started donning Ugg boots. Seemingly overnight, every gal from California to Maine was tucking her skinny jeans into a pair of chunky Uggs. Copycats emerged to compete with the Australian powerhouse, but the Ugg brand never lost its comfy edge. Six years later, Uggs are still as popular as ever—their unparalleled warmth and comfort have propelled them from uber-trendy footwear to wardrobe staples.

It’s unclear which direction the cupcake trend is headed, but I hope with all of my heart that cupcakes have Ugg-like staying power. While Los Angeles embraces Sprinkles and New York adores Magnolia, St. Louis has The Cupcakery. With its sparse and modern space, cute-as-can-be packaging, and toothachingly sweet creations, it is clear that The Cupcakery is applying the same successful formula as its East and West Coast counterparts.

During a short jaunt to St. Louis to visit my dear friend Wes, I found myself at The Cupcakery on more than one occasion. On our first visit, Wes picked out a Strawberries and Cream ($2.75) cupcake, while I indulged in a Gold Rush ($2.75). The skewed ratio of cake to frosting on the Gold Rush had me worried initially, but after one bite it was clear that the bakers here know what they’re doing. The classic yellow cake was moist and light, while the chocolate buttercream frosting was rich, thick, and sweet. A yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting is a benchmark for cupcakes in much the same way that the pizza Margherita is the benchmark for pizzas. The Cupcakery’s Gold Rush was phenomenal.

A couple of evenings later, Wes and I headed back to The Cupcakery for a post-dinner nightcap. This time around, Wes ordered a Confetti—vanilla buttercream with French vanilla cake, while I had a Raspberry Beret—raspberry buttercream with French vanilla cake with raspberry filling. The Raspberry Beret was so very sweet that my molars ached. I should’ve stuck with the tried and true Gold Rush.

What sets The Cupcakery apart from places like Magnolia and Sprinkles is their unapologetic use of trans-fats. You gotta love Midwestern sensibility.

The Cupcakery
28 Maryland Plaza
St Louis, MO 63108
Phone: 314-367-6111

Cupcakery: on Urbanspoon

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11 thoughts on “The Cupcakery – St. Louis

  1. I love trans fats! Not every day, of course, but sometimes nothing but Crisco will do in a recipe. And cupcakes? They ain’t goin’ no where.

  2. OOo I am heading to St. Louis in a couple of weeks. Definitely going to check this place out!

    P.S. I love reading your blog!

  3. I love cupcakes! Here in Durham there is an Airstream trailer that parks a couple of blocks down from the farmer’s market on Saturdays called Daisy Cakes that sells various baked goods. Like its more permanent counterparts, it’s super cutesy. On my first visit I couldn’t decide and got four of their choices. There’s just something about buying food from a trailer or truck that I like, I guess. =)

  4. I certainly hope that cupcakes will be around for years to come. I can also vouch for Georgetown Cupcake as DC’s cupcake staple (I would eat these over Magnolia’s any day)!

  5. I remember the halcyon days of our youth, when cupcakes were so abundant we’d smash them two at a time into our friends’ faces while we stuffed one into our own…

  6. I love yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting! I’ve noticed a lot of girls going around in house slippers recently, an even schlubbier look than the Uggs…

  7. Taylor – Has the cupcake craze arrive in Philly yet? And you don’t know how I relieved I am to hear you say that cupcakes “ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

    Kat – If you’ve got a serious, and I mean serious, sweet tooth, you should also pick up a “cakewich” while you’re there—two layers of cake sandwiching buttercream.

    Sharon – Daisy Cakes sounds wonderful!! The idea is a lot like the Dessert Truck in NYC. I haven’t seen any sweets mobiles in L.A., but there is a Korean taco truck making its way around town. And by the way, there ain’t no shame in eating food served on four wheels.

    Ariel – Good to know that the cupcake craze is alive and well in our nation’s capital. Cupcakez 4-eva.

    James – Ohhhh, I remember. I didn’t realize it at the time, but dang, we had it GOOD!

    Foodhoe – Ugg slippers are SLOPPY CITY! Definitely NOT a wardrobe staple 😉

  8. I am glad you enjoyed the cupcakes. I could mail you some, but I am thinking the icing might be a little messed up by the time you get them. I am going to miss just being able to walk over there to get them. After I move I will have to get in the car and drive. 🙂 Still worth the trip.
    I hope you are doing well, and say hi to the astrononmer for me.

  9. One of the co-owners, Nicole Panepinto, seems to be a sardonic wretch. If you believe in a corollary between management, customer service, and importantly the food, then you might want to consider going elsewhere.

    Perhaps it’s that Ms. Panepinto’s youth has passed her by. Or maybe it’s that she’s painfully aware that walking down the alter to exchange those sacred marital vows is an increasingly elusive possibility for her. If she’s unmarried at her arguably advanced age, it is likely the product of her behaving like a profligate knave.

    Of course, all of this is just an opinion of Ms. Panepinto who seems to epitomize a sardonic wretch (redundancy regarding this point is helpful). How does that bode for customer service? Hopefully you won’t need to judge

  10. I LOVE The Cupcakery! As a law student, it’s the perfect release from the stress of law school and when I step inside, it’s like the rest of the world that’s crumbling around me (no job, stress from finals, being behind 100 pages of reading, etc.) fades away and I can enjoy an amazing treat!

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