Jun 2009

The Donut Man – Glendora


I was tempted to drive 18 miles out to Glendora to celebrate National Donut Day with The Donut Man, but decided to take the homemade route and prepare cinnamon sugar donuts from scratch instead. As much as I love sampling new foods in out-of-the-way locales, in order to justify the drive and traffic, I like to pair it with a non-food related activity. Donuts for the sake of donuts wasn’t enough of a draw to get me behind the wheel, even if said donuts were crafted by the famous Donut Man.

Fortunately, The Astronomer and I attended a Camera Obscura show the following week at The Glass House in Pomona, which provided the perfect opportunity to swing by Glendora. Score! Nothing gets me pumped up for an indie rock show like some plump and sugary donuts.


The 24-hour Donut Man operation was founded by Japanese-American Jim Nakano in the 1970s. A native Californian, Nakano purchased the shop with his wife Miyoko shortly after they married and settled in Glendora. In addition to churning out the usual maple bars, glazed twists, and French crullers, The Donut Man offers fresh fruit donuts that are the talk of the town. His strawberry and peach creations have been known to inspire donut fanatics to drive hundreds of miles for a fix.


Due to The Donut Man’s immense popularity, fresh donuts are made constantly throughout the day. In fact, when we arrived on the scene after 8 PM, the bakers in the back were frying up a big batch of crullers.

From the selection on hand, The Astronomer and I ordered a fresh strawberry donut ($2.75) and a Bavarian cream donut ($1.30). We placed and received our order at the front window.


Our initial plan was to consume our donuts in the car, but one glance at the strawberry monstrosity before us and we quickly changed our minds. The Astronomer and I settled into a bench near the front window to dig in.

Even with my larger than average mouth, I found it impossible to bite the donut cleanly from top to bottom. Rather than risk soiling my concert-wear, I used a fork to prick the strawberries and my fingers to pluck a piece of the donut.

The strawberries, which were coated in a fruity glaze, were abundant, firm, and ripe. The donut tasted like a standard glazed donut. The combination of fresh fruit and sweetened fried dough was very appealing. I wouldn’t hesitate to stop by for another if I happened to be in the neighborhood.


The Bavarian cream donut was even better than the strawberry one. The weighty creation was smothered in chocolate frosting and oozing with sweet vanilla custard. The last time I had a Bavarian cream donut was at the 4xDonut my senior year of college. I can’t believe I stayed away for so long. The Donut Man’s creation was perfect.

Photos from the Agent Ribbons and Camera Obsucra show after the jump.

The Donut Man
915 East Route 66
Glendora, CA 91740
Phone: 626-335-9111

Agent Ribbons—One guitarist/singer, one violinist, one drummer, and one bird-mask donning tambourine player.

Camera Obscura—Even though the band was rocking, you better believe the crowd was standing still.

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19 thoughts on “The Donut Man – Glendora

  1. We don’t have such things as this huge strawberry donut here in Brazil. I’m looking at it with tears in my eyes. I really want one.

  2. My friend who lives in Glendora is obsessed with those damn strawberry donuts. She posts about them All. The. Time.

    Glad to know they’re really good. 😉

  3. can’t believe i’ve never had these before. i’m from azusa, so will definitely partake the next time i visit.

  4. I’m not normally inclined toward cream-filled donuts, but that one looks pretty awesome. My thinkg my mouth could do some serious damage at the Donut Man. Must find excuse to get out there!!

  5. great site! I’m going to have to check in often. And Camera Obscura!!!…if it weren’t for the Laker game, I would have been there 🙁

  6. going to try to swing by here today, my late grandpa’s rosary service is being held in Glendora…he would of wanted me to enjoy it 🙂

    thanks for the pre-nosh look forward–

  7. The donut is made of potato flour for the strawberry and peach ones. Not sure about other ones. Donut Man’s cream cheese donut is great, too. Well, everything is great there.

  8. Back in the Day Elvis used to stop at Donut Man en route to Vegas. Hence the Jelly Donut jokes about The King.

  9. Oh i love the donut man!! Its so amazing and worth the drive! If you get a chance to get out there you HAVE to try the tiger tail…they are amazingggg!

  10. I was introduced to Donut Man four years ago, and am an enthusiastic fan. I drive 20 minutes to get donuts from this remarkable place, at all hours of the day or night.

    My favorite donut from Donut Man, which wasn’t mentioned, is the tiger tail. YUM! Try it next time!

  11. damm!!!!! i love the donut man !! its so really good its worth the drive! you have to try the strawberry filled donut

  12. I grew up in Glendora in the 70’s and I remember the Donut man way back then. Sorry to say I have not been back in years. I’ll have to take a trip back one of these days!

  13. I grew up in Glendora and made many a midnight donut run to what we endearingly refer to as “The Man.” I have since moved a good hour drive away but I tell you what… I’ve made the drive for donuts from The Man more than once!

  14. We saw Huell’s visit to the Doughnut Man, so we took a trip there from Anaheim. WOW The Strawberry ones are awesome. The tiger’s tail is huge and lusious. But my fav. was the cream cheese. Everyone stopped and watched me consume it. My husband loved the strawberry doughnut.The hardest thing about it was which ones to get and which to eat first.

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