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Eat My Blog Summer 2010: "It’s a really fancy bake sale!"

Eat My Blog 2

Drum roll, please…The second annual Eat My Blog charity bake sale raised nearly $5,500 for the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank! Angelenos from every walk of life came to Tender Greens in West Hollywood yesterday to show their support and to stuff their faces with some of the finest baked goods in town. From Egyptian basbousa cakes to bacon chocolate chip cookies, the spread was so impressive that one customer proclaimed, “It’s a really fancy bake sale!” I wouldn’t have expected anything less from our city’s pool of talented, food-loving bloggers!

Eat My Blog 2

Eat My Blog was very fortunate to have Steven and Carmen Lam of Steven Lam Photography on hand to capture some incredible images of the event. All of the photos featured here were taken by the dynamic duo. Here are some of the mouthwatering sweets and savories that were featured at Eat My Blog. Clockwise from top left—whoopie pies from G-ma’s Bakery, rocky road brownies from Cube, almond tea cakes from The Catty Critic, and bacon coffee cake with almond butterscotch drizzle from chef Debbie Lee of Ahn-Joo.

Eat My Blog Collage Photos by Steven Lam

Clockwise from top left—brownie bites from Sweet Life Kitchen, olive oil cake from Banana Wonder, toasted coconut and dulce de leche crispy treats from Delicious Coma, and chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel frosting from Nosh With Me.

Eat My Blog collage Photos by Steven Lam 6

Clockwise from top left—white nectarine and blackberry galette with butter custard from Evan Kleiman of KCRW and Angeli Caffe, che xoi nuoc from Ravenous Couple,  “burger” bites from Just Jenn Designs, and mini chocolate coconut cakes with toasted coconut custard filling and fluffy white frosting from Pete Eat ‘Em All.

Eat My Blog collage Photos by Steven Lam 7

Clockwise from top left—Momofuku Crack Pie from the Los Angeles Times‘ Daily Dish, bacon wrapped bread sticks with home-cured bacon from My Last Bite and My Life as a Foodie, mini flour-less almond cakes with mascapone and fresh fruit from Pete Eat ‘Em All, and basil aprium tartlets from Valerie Confections.

Eat My Blog collage Photos by Steven Lam 8

Clockwise from top left—rose petal petits fours from Valerie Confections, chocolate cupcakes from Hollywood Corner, coconut dream cupcakes from Pardon My Crumbs, and chocolate stout cupcakes with Amarula buttercream frosting from the LA Weekly‘s Squid Ink.

Eat My Blog collage Photos by Steven Lam 9

Clockwise from top left—grapefruit curd tulips from Burning Pasta, French cream puffs from Plaisir, matcha mochi bundts with red bean filling from The Food Librarian, and sour cream apple walnut cup pies from Life with a Whisk.

Eat My Blog collage Photos by Steven Lam 10

Clockwise from top left—Coconut clouds from BakeLab, za’tar zucchini bread from Life with a Whisk, cloud cookies from BakeLab, and strawberry rhubarb jam from Craig of Hip Cooks.

Eat My Blog collage Photos by Steven Lam 1

And here are some of the faces that made the event deliciously memorable. From left to right—Eat My Blog planning committee member Diana Takes a Bite holding Chef Ludo’s beautiful strawberry napoleon, two shiny happy customers, and Kristin of BakeLab showing off her stash.

Eat My Blog collage Photos by Steven Lam 3

From left to right—The Astronomer caught digging into a blueberry buckle from G-ma’s Bakery, a cute little boy eating like a champ, and Sarah of Catch a Cub in its Den giving us a glimpse of her goods.

Eat My Blog collage Photos by Steven Lam 4

H.C. of L.A. and O.C. Foodventures and Matthew of Scoops and Mattatouille taking in the lovely weather and blogging camaraderie, two ladies that happily ate a lot of blogs, and one of the lucky few people who snagged a highly-coveted bacon coffee cake.

Eat My Blog Collage - Photos by Steven Lam

Caroline on Crack chillin’ with Matt and cooling off with Scoops ice cream, Javier of Teenage Glutster doing what he does best, and G-Ma and me happy as heck.

Big thank yous are in order to the following people and organizations: Steven Lam Photography, Euro Pane, Valerie Confections, BakeLab, Kiss My Bundt, Debbie Lee and Ahn-Joo, Cube, Evan Kleiman, Ludo Lefebvre,  Drago Centro, Starry Kitchen, Fraiche, Hollywood Corner, Choppe Choppe, Plaisir, Scoops Ice Cream, iHerb.com, Tender Greens, Js2 Communications, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf20th Century Fox, and last but certainly not least, Los Angeles’ blogging bakers and everyone who came out to the sale. Eat My Blog would not have been possible without all of your support and generous contributions.

I’ll see you at the next bake sale! In the mean time, check out the complete set of photos from the event on Flickr.

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33 thoughts on “Eat My Blog Summer 2010: "It’s a really fancy bake sale!"

  1. Oh no, I’m having a few “I didn’t see that one!” jealousy moments and getting hungry! 😛

    Congrats on raising almost $5500! Yay! And yay me for having a box of delicious goodies at home!

  2. Yay and congrats to you and the EMB team for another successful event! But boo that I couldn’t make it this time–my mouth is watering looking at all the goodies I missed out on.

  3. Congratulations to you, Anjali, Diana and Laurie for organizing such a great event and raising so much money for the food bank.

  4. Congrats on your successful event. I was really tempted to drive up just to buy all the yummy baked goods I kept seeing that were going to be there.

  5. Why oh why must I be all the way in Pennsylvania? I would kill for anyone of those tasties! So glad it went so well, but how could it go any differently with so much talent?

  6. Congratulations to everyone who organized, contributed, and got to purchase such an amazing array of baked goods. Great way to give back to the community.

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  8. Sandy – We had one lovely blogger ship some goodies from the O.C. overnight. Perhaps you’ll consider doing the same? Eat My Blog would be honored to hawk Foodhoe wares!

  9. I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it. I already had plans that day, but I’m glad that my company, iHerb, was able to participate and I hope that you made some money out of the baking kits you put together with our products. 😀 Congrats and looking forward to 2011 or whenever you put together your next edition.

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