Mar 2011

Paula’s Pancake House – Solvang

Paula's Pancake House - Solvang

The thing to do in Solvang between waking up and getting tipsy at nearby wineries is to sit down for a Danish breakfast. While the people in Denmark would most likely scoff at the inauthentic fare served in these here parts, no one seems to mind because the ambiance is cozy and the waitresses are clad in traditional Scandinavian get-ups. Or so we kept telling ourselves as we walked toward Paula’s Pancake House, the most popular brunching spot in town.

Paula's Pancake House - Solvang

Lang arrived at the cozy cottage before The Astronomer and I did and snagged a table on the sunny patio. Soon after we joined him, waters and menus were dropped off.

Paula's Pancake House - Solvang

I ordered the Paula’s Special ($8.75), which included two Danish pancakes topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. The pancakes were larger and thinner than traditional ones, but tasted more or less the same as a box of Bisquick. I wasn’t expecting the pancakes to bring on any fireworks, just something more unique than a super-sized version of traditional American pancakes.  On that front, I was sorely disappointed. The strawberries and whipped cream, on the other hand, met and exceeded my expectations.

Paula's Pancake House - Solvang

To supplement my platter of pancakes, I ordered a Danish sausage ($4.25). The lonely link was delivered on a plate, slightly lukewarm. Whereas American breakfast sausages are usually savory, this Danish specimen was peppered with cinnamon and other sweet spices. Even though the casing had a decent snap and the flavors were appealing, I wouldn’t drop another $4.25 to experience it again.

Paula's Pancake House - Solvang

The Astronomer’s French toast ($6.95) looked kind of scrawny, but the execution was right on. The edges were crisp and caramelized, while the innards were eggy and pliable.

Paula's Pancake House - Solvang

Lang ordered the Danish Pancake Combination ($9.95), which included two pancakes, bacon or sausage, and two eggs. He added a side of fresh and sweetened blueberries ($2.75). Our friend had spent the morning hours cycling nearly a hundred miles from Buellton to Santa Barbara and back, so everything on his plate tasted like a million bucks.

Now that I’ve gotten this Danish breakfast bug out of my system, I’ll go straight from waking up to boozing from here on out. There’s no reason to pause for a mediocre, overpriced breakfast. Not even at Paula’s Pancake House.

Paula’s Pancake House
1531 Mission Drive
Solvang, CA 93463-2607
Phone: 805-688-2867

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8 thoughts on “Paula’s Pancake House – Solvang

  1. Next time you need to get aebelskivers!! I get them from the place that’s one parallel street over from there. (I was just there too, btw. Wonder if we were wandering Solvang on the same day?)

  2. Aww what a shame! Mediocre breakfasts are such a bummer way to start the day! At least you could salve your stomach wounds with wine after. 😉

  3. I do not agree with this review at all but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Strange how so many others love the breakfast.

  4. My husband and I went because we saw the ratings on the Internet. The place was filthy with flies everywhere. The waitresses looked sad and their clothes were dingy. The food was nasty and the service poor! I wish we would have walked around first and found a better place before going to there. We were very disappointed!

  5. FYI… none of that was Danish or even close and Æbleskiver are eaten in the afternoon. Thin yogurt and raw oats is more typical.

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