Jan 2012

Matt’s In The Market – Seattle

Matt's In The Market - Seattle

The Astronomer and I would have never stumbled upon Matt’s In The Market had our friend Daniel not pointed us here. The restaurant is tucked away in the Corner Market Building, three floors up from the throngs of tourists crowding Pike Place Market. Here, owner Dan Bugge and Chef Chester Gerl source fresh ingredients for their ever-changing menu from the market stalls below.

Matt's In The Market - Seattle

Without having to ask, we were seated at a table for two under the arched windows overlooking the iconic Public Market sign. It was the most memorable view of the entire trip.

Matt's In The Market - Seattle

Glancing to our right, we could see the pale blue water and snow-capped mountains in the distance. Seattle is a beauty.

Matt's In The Market - Seattle

While The Astronomer and I rarely order greens when eating out in Los Angeles, we do so at nearly every meal while on vacation to get our vitamins and roughage. Our mothers must be so proud.

Before diving head first into burgers and clams, we shared the “Simple Green Salad” ($6) with toasted pumpkin seeds, bleu cheese, and a roasted garlic dressing.

Matt's In The Market - Seattle

For his main course, The Astronomer took our friend Daniel’s advice and ordered “Don and Joe’s Lamb Burger” ($16). The downright dashing burger came sandwiched between brioche buns with goat cheese, bacon, herb aioli, and onion jam.

Matt's In The Market - Seattle

As promised, the burger was all that and then some. The patty, juicy and mildly musty, was enhanced by the bevy of toppings and sauces. Messy bites, buttery fingers, and greasy lips—this baby was worth it.

Matt's In The Market - Seattle

The burger came with a garbanzo and bean sultana salad. It was a virtuous and lovely blend of legumes, punctuated by sweet raisins and a tart vinaigrette.

Matt's In The Market - Seattle

I ordered the steamed clams ($16), which arrived bathing in a fiery red charmoula and cava broth with house-made chorizo, piquillo peppers, corona beans, and croutons. Noshing on clams, slurping up broth, and watching the crowds below—it was the perfect ending to our Seattle vacation.

Matt’s In The Market
94 Pike Street #32
Seattle, WA 98101-2066
Phone: 206-467-7909

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5 thoughts on “Matt’s In The Market – Seattle

  1. I haven’t been to Seattle in so long – I’ve been to Portland at least ten times since my last Seattle trip but never made it back – but your pictures make me want to return.

  2. Justin – You’re definitely overdue for a trip to Seattle. And I am overdue for a trip to Portland! Don’t forget to eat at The Walrus and the Carpenter 😉

  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed the burger. That lamb patty is so incredibly tasty– quite possibly my favorite burger in the world. Runner up: 4505 Meats in SF.

    And that garbanzo salad is the perfect acidic foil to the burger’s richness.

    Have you had the burger at Minetta Tavern in NYC? I’ve heard nothing but praise but have yet to try.

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