Oct 2012

{swoon} Persian Ice Cream at Saffron & Rose

Saffron & Rose Ice Cream - Westwood

While there are many vibrant Persian establishments in Tehrangeles, none are quite as sweet as Saffron & Rose Ice Cream. The shop is named after its signature flavor, a creamy and floral mash up scented with saffron and dotted with pistachios. There’s a nut-less version available as well, but the man scooping behind the counter always insists on the one with the bright green pistachios.

In addition to its namesake flavor, the shop churns out over a dozen different varieties ranging from fascinating (orange blossom, white rose, dates) to familiar (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla). Since the taste of rosewater makes me feel like I’m chugging down a bottle of Kiehl’s toner, I selected a scoop of ginger, sandwich between two thin crispy wafers.

Saffron & Rose Ice Cream - Westwood

The ginger’s spice was just my speed, while the texture was really something else. Whether eaten with a spoon or our tongues, the ice cream seemed to push back with each bite. With a scoop that liked to play hard to get, The Astronomer and I had to proceed with extra napkins to avoid a messy break up.

Saffron & Rose Ice Cream
1387 Westwood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone: 310-477-5533

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3 thoughts on “{swoon} Persian Ice Cream at Saffron & Rose

  1. first of all, i’d like to say that i love your blog! you have beautiful photos and i really enjoy seeing all the places you’ve traveled. i came across your blog through Kirbie’s blog.

    i just recently had persian style ice cream at Soltan Banoo in University Heights. I’d never had ice cream flavored with rose water before. the floral taste was a bit different than what i’m used to. i see that your ice cream was also served with waffles. the one i had seemed like little tiny ice cream sandwiches served in a cup.

    if i’m ever up in the LA area, i will have to try this place out!

  2. Haha, I like rosewater toner…and desserts. Btw, you’ve inspired me to maybe start a new feature on my blog with interesting bites if I can’t d the whole resto. Thanks, Cathy!

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