Mar 2013

Soba Sojibo – West Los Angeles

Sojibo - West Los Angeles

Feeling hungry after attending a talk by Michael Dukakis ’55 at a rare gathering of Los Angeles-based Swarthmore grads, The Astronomer and I sought out proper sustenance nearby. Our first choice, Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle, wasn’t serving their signature ramen or tsukemen at this hour, and our second choice, Seoul Sausage Company, was closed on Mondays. Thus we meandered down Sawtelle into Soba Sojibo, one of the neighborhood’s newest additions.

Sojibo - West Los Angeles

Serving cold and hot house-made buckwheat noodles, as well as a slew of classic izakaya bites, Soba Sojibo is the second outpost of the Japanese chain in Los Angeles. A branch in Torrance popped up a few months before.

While The Astronomer perused the hot soba selections, I had my heart set on the cold stuff this evening.

Sojibo - West Los Angeles

We nibbled on deep-fried soba bits as we waited for our respective chilled and steaming bowls of noodles.

Sojibo - West Los Angeles

I went for the Zaru Soba ($7), seaweed-topped noodles served on a tray with mentsuyu dipping sauce and green onions and wasabi for garnishing.

Sojibo - West Los Angeles

My stomach was feeling uncharacteristically delicate tonight, so these simple and cooling soba noodles really hit the mark. The chilly mentsuyu dipping sauce coated the earthy strands in sweet and savoriness, bringing out their unique texture too.

Sojibo - West Los Angeles

The Astronomer’s perfectly fine stomach was comforted by a bowl of hot soba topped with shrimp tempura ($10). The carefully made  noodle soup encouraged plenty of slurps and smiles.

Sojibo - West Los Angeles

Even though I make some mean inari at home, I still can’t resist ordering some when I see them available at restaurants. These were solid—sweet, oily, spongy, and packed full of marinated rice.

Sojibo - West Los Angeles

Dinner ended with a bonus soup course comprised of leftover dipping sauce and a teapot of steaming residual soba cooking water. Mmmm…

Soba soothes the soul (and the stomach).

2006 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone: 310-479-1200

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  1. Darin – From what Tomo tells me, soba in America is inferior to the stuff in Japan because the noodles aren’t made to order. Still, this place is worth dining at. Ichimi Ann Bamboo Garden in Torrance, too!

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