Jun 2013

{swoon} Weekend Carnitas at Central & Slauson

Weekend Carnitas at Central & Slauson - Los Angeles

Even though I downed a dozen plus tacos this past Sunday at Tacolandia, most of which can be traced back to La Guerrerense‘s booth, I’m still swooning over the carnitas that Bill Esparza introduced me to a few weekends back.

Unlike the gal who I overheard saying towards the tail end of the event, “I’ll never eat another taco again!” I could most definitely go for a few more tacos this minute, preferably ones from the weekends-only carnitas stand on a dusty stretch of Florence-Firestone.

Carnitas at Central and Slauson - Los Angeles

Carnitas, a collection of piggy parts simmered in their own fat, is the specialty at this roadside stand near South Central and Slauson. The small operation gets underway every Saturday and Sunday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

There’s maciza (shoulder), costilla (ribs), trompa (snout), lengua (tongue), buche (stomach), cuertitos (skin), and tripas (tripe) on offer. All parts are sold by the pound or for around $1.25 as a taco.

Carnitas at Central and Slauson - Los Angeles

Complementing the panoply of pork are splendid made-on-the-spot tortillas that are griddled to perfection, as well as salsas, limes, cilantro, and onions.

We live in Tacolandia.

Street Carnitas
South Central Avenue & Slauson Avenue
Florence-Graham, CA
Phone: 323-580-2690

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2 thoughts on “{swoon} Weekend Carnitas at Central & Slauson

  1. I’m very bummed you couldn’t make it either, nomsnotbombs! I think Cathy sums up very well how much fun we had that day. I love eating street food with both of you. Thanks!

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