Jun 2013

Earl’s Donuts – Los Angeles (Chatsworth)

Earl's Donuts - Chatsworth

The April issue of Saveur magazine named Earl’s Donuts in Chatsworth one of America’s 50 Best Donuts. Even though I was generally wary of the roundup due to the authors’ omission of Dough in Brooklyn and Frost in Washington state, two of my all-time favorite deep-fried dough purveyors, I had to make my way to Earl’s to see taste for myself. Fellow local honorees included Stan’s Doughnuts in Westwood Village, The Donut Man in Glendora, and Doughnut Hut in Burbank.

Earl's Donuts - Chatsworth

Following lunch at The Munch Box, The Astronomer and I made the short drive to Earl’s for dessert. The shop was plainer than I had imagined, with a smattering of tables and not too much else. Two helpful teen boys worked behind the counter.

Earl's Donuts - Chatsworth

According to Saveur, “the devil’s food old-fashioned from this unlikely strip-mall source is gnarled and knobby, all the better to hold the spill of frosting.” To supplement the recommended devil’s food old fashioned, The Astronomer picked out an equally gnarled and knobby apple fritter.

Earl's Donuts - Chatsworth

Dense, rich, and enrobed in smooth milk chocolate, the old fashioned delivered a serious sugar high. The apple fritter, with its chunks of real fruit and bevy of cinnamon, treated The Astronomer mostly right, although the center was slightly raw and doughy.

Earl’s makes good doughnuts, but one of America’s best? Nah.

Earl’s Donuts
20429 Devonshire Street
Chatsworth, CA
Phone: 818-341-2869

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3 thoughts on “Earl’s Donuts – Los Angeles (Chatsworth)

  1. I subscribed to Saveur some time ago and this pretty much breaks down my opinion as well. They document some interesting stuff but seemingly just out of familiarity, not for any real value. I rest my case with their inclusion of the Huevos Rancheros from La Abeja in their cookbook. Serious doubts as to their objectives.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, nothing even comes close to the apple fritter at Bob’s Doughnuts in the Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax….especially when it’s fresh from the fat! GAH!

  3. If you are ever in West Hills, there is a donut shop with a conundrum of a name that makes AMAZING doughnuts (esp. apple fritters): Dulcet Gourmet. (Dul-sit Gor-mit? Dul-say Gor-may? ARGH). I grew up near there and when I moved to Chatsworth, I was saddened that locals called Earl’s the best. I can’t even finish an Earl’s apple fritter. Gah.

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