Jun 2013

The Munch Box – Los Angeles (Chatsworth)

The Munch Box - Chatsworth

Instead of driving straight from Pasadena to Thousand Oaks for a family gathering a few weeks back, The Astronomer and I took a roundabout route through Burbank then to Chatsworth for doughnuts, burgers, and more doughnuts. We rarely, if ever, travel this far north and west, so we wanted to make the trip worth our while.

What was really terrific about this jaunt was that it felt like a legitimate road trip even though we never left county boundaries. The vastness of Los Angeles never ceases to impress me.

The Munch Box - Chatsworth

My heart welled up with pure joy as we approached the bright yellow building on Devonshire Street. The Munch Box has been around since 1956 and is on the Cultural Heritage Commission‘s list as one of the best surviving examples of Googie architecture.

Today, the stand is owned by Buck Barker, his wife, Claire, and their two children, Julie and Andrew. Mr. Barker bought the eatery in 1985 from his uncle, John Kent, who was the restaurant’s original owner.

The Munch Box - Chatsworth

The menu hasn’t changed too much since The Munch Box first opened 57 years ago. While many diners were downing dogs this afternoon, The Astronomer and I stuck to the hamburgers; it was what we were in the mood for.

The Munch Box - Chatsworth

First up was the Cheese Burger ($3.40), a simple situation containing chopped onions, pickles, tomato, and special sauce between two plushy white commercial buns. The meat of the matter was thin and charred nicely enough.

The Munch Box - Chatsworth

Biting into the burger, The Astronomer and I couldn’t get over how much it tasted like a classic McDonald’s hamburger, down to the itty bitty onions. It’s funny to think that before McDonald’s sold billions of burgers worldwide, it was a one-off hamburger stand in SoCal very much like The Munch Box.

The Munch Box - Chatsworth

The Hickory Burger ($3.10) was a far messier affair with its “smoked patty,” chili, onions, pickles, and tomato. Upon inquiring with the gal working behind the counter, I learned that the meat’s smoky flavor was imparted by a flavored spray. Sometimes, I think I ask too many questions.

I like chili that’s heavy on the salt and heat and induces heartburn, and unfortunately the blend here was a bit weak for me. Still, the overall package was tasty enough to polish off completely.

The Munch Box - Chatsworth

Prefabbed frozen shoestrings fried to a perfectly golden crisp completed our quintessential California fast food lunch.

Even though The Munch Box’s food didn’t sweep me off my feet, I would return here in a heartbeat if I were in the neighborhood again. The architecture, coupled with a dose of nostalgia and wonderfully messy burgers, makes for an afternoon well spent.

The Munch Box
21532 Devonshire Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Phone: 818-998-9240

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8 thoughts on “The Munch Box – Los Angeles (Chatsworth)

  1. Wow! This is one of the gems (and perhaps the only one?) when I visit this area. The chili has changed to something more watery. Still enjoyable as a greasy treat. 🙂

    Are there any other places of note in this neighborhood? Thx!

  2. San Carlo Deli… On Mason about a half-block South of Devonshire, to your left in the shopping center. Lunch place. Great Italian sandwiches, salads, pasta, etc. Get the Panzeroti. It’s like a Soprano’s episode… Delightful family owned place. A jewel…

  3. I have been going to The Munch Box since the mid-1960s, when I moved just “over the hill” to Simi Valley. My favorite is their delicious Hickory Cheese Burger. It was right up there, in my estimation, with my other LA County super burger joint, Tommy’s. Tommy’s was always my dad’s favorite and every trip to Disneyland included a stop at Tommy’s for a chili-cheese burger. But then Tommy’s expanded and lost it’s funky feel, along with the true essence of it’s cheeseburger. It was no longer the be all/end all of cheeseburgers. The Munch Box has forever taken Tommy’s place in my heart and my tummy.

    I no longer live in Simi Valley. I have long lived in Bend, Oregon where e have nothing like the Much Box. Bend’s idea of a chili-cheeseburger is the old chili size open face burger. Not even close.

    Every trip south to visit my family in Simi Valley includes a mandatory trip to the Much Box. That will be a lifelong tradition.

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