Jan 2012

{swoon} Apple Fritter at Diaz’s Bakery

Apple Fritter Diaz Bakery - Ojai

Get thee to Diaz’s Bakery for freshly made apple fritters the next time you’re in Ojai. My friend Melina introduced me to this monstrosity a few weeks ago, and it’s been making regular appearances in my doughnut-flavored daydreams.

Apple Fritter Diaz Bakery - Ojai

Each Frisbee-sized fritter is coated from top to bottom in a classic sugary glaze. The innards are soft, simple, and dotted with cinnamon-sprinkled apples. The whole thing is truly spectacular, but the best bites are along the cratered edges, where the icing has turned the deep-fried nubs into candy. It’s the perimeter that disappears first on my fritter.

Diaz’s Bakery
217 East Matilija Street
Ojai, CA 93023-2721
Phone: 805-640-7439

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8 thoughts on “{swoon} Apple Fritter at Diaz’s Bakery

  1. You must know that APPLE FRITTERS are my all time favorite guilty pleasure of all time. We have a local bakery here in Portland that makes them. One time I was telling a friend about them, picked up two one to share with her. Ate both before I got to her house, which was only 10 minutes away. She never knew what she missed. OH LORDY if I could reach into the screen and pick off a corner of that yummy fritter I would. Give away of the day for you: Send one to Elizabeth.

  2. I wonder how it compares to the apple fritter at Bob’s in LA? Have you been? It’s a fried behometh as well! And, incidentally, is right near Little John’s Toffee in the Farmer’s Market at Third & Fairfax!

  3. That’s the biggest fritter I’ve ever seen!! YUM 😀 I was in Ojai last year.. wish I had’ve known about it then!

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