Dec 2011

Street Donuts – Seattle

Street Donuts - Seattle

My passion for doughnuts was born in Seattle a little over a year ago [See: Top Pot and Frost], so it was only appropriate that I continued exploring the city’s fried dough scene on my most recent visit.

Launched this past May, Street Donuts combines two of my very favorite things—street food and doughnuts. The trailer is parked in an empty lot on 2nd Avenue and Pike Street, right next to a Japanese hotdog vendor.

Street Donuts - Seattle

A bowl of a dozen freshly fried rings goes for a cool $4.50, while a half dozen is priced at $3.25.

Street Donuts - Seattle

What sets Street Donuts apart from other mini doughnut hawkers are their unique toppings. Every order includes two toppings and additional ones can be added for fifty cents more. According to founder Yi-Chun Lin, caramel and ginger, as well as vanilla pudding and Nerds, are extremely popular among Street Donuts’ fans.

Street Donuts - Seattle

On my first visit to the trailer, I ordered a half dozen doughnuts drizzled with mango sauce and sprinkled with sweetened coconut flakes. The goods arrived in a compostable bowl with a tiny wooden fork-spear. The little rings, which were surprisingly light, soaked up the tangy sauce like a sponge, while the coconut sweetened everything up nicely.

Street Donuts - Seattle

The Astronomer and I returned to the trailer a few days later and ordered a half dozen with ginger and cardamom, The Astronomer’s favorite combination. The friendly gent working the stand threw in a few extra rings to thank us for our patience. The doughnuts were as golden, crisp, and light as ever. And while I didn’t love the toppings as much as my dear husband, a tasty time was had by all.

Yo, Street Donuts! If you want to start an L.A. franchise, holla at me.

Street Donuts
2nd Avenue and Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: 206-414-7410

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3 thoughts on “Street Donuts – Seattle

  1. AHHH I so wish an awesome hipster donuts would show up somewhere in L.A! I’m ready for some fried carby goodness.

  2. You know how I feel about food trucks, but I could totally get down with some street donuts! Yum! Thanks for the tasty report, donut sleuth!

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