Jul 2013

Weekend Brunch at M.B. Post – Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach)

Brunch at MB Post - Manhattan Beach

A leisurely brunch followed by rollerblading on the beach is one of my favorite weekend activities, one that I don’t get to do nearly enough because the boardwalk’s so darn far from home. When it happens though, I am happy as a clam (quite possibly even happier!).

Brunch at MB Post - Manhattan Beach

The Astronomer and I hoofed it to Manhattan Beach for our most recent brunching and blading session. Before lacing up our wheels, we sat down for Chef David Lefevere’s post-bangin’ (wink, wink) brunch at M.B. Post.

Brunch at MB Post - Manhattan Beach

I’ve been meaning to brunch here for at least a year now, so it was imperative that I make up for lost time by ordering every single dish that caught my eye. Everything on the menu was served family-style and arrived as soon as the kitchen finished firing.

The first dish on the scene was the “Belly Button Bagel” ($10) schmeared with dill cream cheese and layered with house-cured trout lox, capers, and red onions. While the bagel didn’t do much for me eaten straight up, the entire package was so damn good.

Brunch at MB Post - Manhattan Beach

Next to arrive was the “JJ’s Lone Daughter Ranch Citrus Salad” ($9), the most refreshing serving of fruit on the planet. Accompanying the grapefruit and orange segments were ruby grapes, honey, and mint.

Brunch at MB Post - Manhattan Beach

From there, our spread took a decidedly decadent turn. I grew up eating frozen chimichanga burritos nuked in the microwave for weekday breakfasts, so it was quite the sweet reunion when this dish arrived.

M.B. Post’s chimichanga ($13) came stuffed with scrambled eggs, chorizo-spiced pork, pepperjack cheese, and yams. A side of “Jimmy’s mom’s salsa verde” brightened up the deep-fried parcel.

Brunch at MB Post - Manhattan Beach

The kitchen sent out a special treat mid-chimichanga, a “Corned Beef Cheek Hash” ($11) finished with a fried egg, sherry vinegar, and gremolata. Runny eggs paired with beautifully blistered beef? Yes, please. And thank you.

Brunch at MB Post - Manhattan Beach

Adding to our indulgent spread was a side order of “Nueske’s Bacon” ($8) fancied up with fresh rosemary, brown sugar, and chili. Finger lickin’ great.

Brunch at MB Post - Manhattan Beach

The hits kept coming with the “Truffle Honey-Laced Fried Chicken” served with a snappy kohlrabi slaw on the side ($15). The batter was downright dynamite, while the essence of honey and truffle worked out deliciously. Two boneless pieces went down my gullet, just like that.

Brunch at MB Post - Manhattan Beach

Brunch wrapped up with a duo of sweets. The first, a fabulous French toast stuffed with ricotta and topped with pears and nuts ($12), was caramelized in all the right places. I love it when the line between breakfast and dessert is blurred.

Brunch at MB Post - Manhattan Beach

And finally, a luscious sticky bun ($6) served in a pool of bubbly caramel and topped with toasted pecans. Oh, heck yes.

Following this mega feast, we bladed down to Redondo Beach and back, repenting for a fraction of our brunch-time sins. I gotta do this more often.

Manhattan Beach Post (M.B. Post)
1140 Manhattan Avenue
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-5332
Phone: 310-545-5405

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Brunch at M.B. Post – Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach)

  1. Justin – Get thee to M.B.! Every meal here is absolutely SOLID. Would’ve been awesome to dine at Water Grill when you and David were there…mmmm!

  2. I really think MB Post is the best brunch in LA. It’s a bit of a pain getting out to the South Bay, but it’s worth it. It is way better than the dinner (which is also great, but not quite as transcendent). That corned beef dish looks like something else.

  3. I still haven’t been to brunch at MB Post! I think I might have to make a trip for that sticky bun alone. Because, you know, carbs.

  4. Brunch at MB Post is pretty much one of my favorite things ever. Of all time. What took you so long to go?! Never the less, welcome to the fan club 🙂

  5. I LOVE MB Post! I’m a South Bay local so I had the opportunity to try it out for dinner a while back. Their salads, flatbreads and wine are stellar and it seems their other dishes are equally delicious.

    After reading this I’ll have to try their brunch menu sometime 🙂

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