Sep 2016

Jonathan Gold’s Scouting Report #6: Eastern Spice

Jonathan Gold's Scouting Report #6: Eastern Spice

What’s better than eating duck tongues in an abandoned Wienerschnitzel? Filing my sixth Scouting Report, “New Eastern Spice in San Gabriel has traditional jian bing savory Chinese crepes” on the Los Angeles Times‘ Daily Dish.

Name of restaurant: Eastern Spice. Characteristic of the Chinese restaurants in this part of town (the San Gabriel Valley), the restaurant’s name provides little insight as to what’s on the menu. Hint: It’s Northern Chinese-style food.

Where you are: A busy strip of San Gabriel Boulevard, south of Valley Boulevard and north of the 10 Freeway. Eastern Spice is housed in the site of a former Wienerschnitzel; the building’s A-frame roof is intact and painted bright orange.

Eastern Spice’s scallion pancake is also of note — flaky and light in all the right places with a deep green onion flavor that lingers in a good way.

What you’re looking at:  Located on a busy strip of San Gabriel Boulevard, in the shadow of the San Gabriel Superstore, Easter Spice doesn’t offer much of a view.

What you’re drinking: Canned sodas and bottled teas, unless Yu Xin Hou has warm soy milk to share.

Info: 1811 S. San Gabriel Blvd., San Gabriel, (626) 872-6199.

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