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Q Sushi – Los Angeles (Downtown)

Q Sushi - Japanese - Downtown - Los Angeles

I had the pleasure of dining with my mom at Q Sushi a few Fridays ago. She’s been taking care of June while The Astronomer and I are bringing home the bacon, so this meal was a small token of our gratitude. Bà Ngoại is the best!

Q Sushi - Japanese - Downtown - Los Angeles

Chef Hiroyuki Naruke, who ran a six-seat sushi bar in Tokyo’s Roppongi district prior to relocating to Los Angeles, serves a hyper-traditional, omakase-only sushi experience at Q. I am a total purist when it comes to sushi, so I knew that Q and I would get along swimmingly from the start.

Priced at $165 per person, the omakase typically begins with a slew of tsumami (small appetizers), followed by a perfectly orchestrated parade of sashimi and nigiri sushi courses. All in all, it’s a 2.5 hour feast comprised of 20 or so courses that passes by much too quickly.

Q Sushi - Japanese - Downtown - Los Angeles

Taking care of Mom and me this evening was Chef Rui. He seemed a bit chattier than Chef Hiro, which was a good thing, because I had plenty of questions up my sleeve (per usual).

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Musubi Cafe Iyasume – Honolulu (Waikiki)

Musubi Cafe Iyasume - Waikiki - Honolulu

I never got around to writing about the trip to Oahu that The Astronomer and I took last April because “morning” sickness hit hard soon after we came home, putting me out of blogging commission for quite a while. But now that Baby June’s out and about (yay!), and all is right with my appetite (double yay!), it’s finally time to revisit the ono grindz that made our stay a fabulous one.

Musubi Cafe Iyasume - Waikiki - Honolulu

The eatery with the honor of being visited the most was Musubi Cafe Iyasume, a shoe-box sized spot serving musubi and onigiri that is adored by locals and visitors alike. The J Gold peeped this place in Food & Wine, and as luck would have it, it was located a stone’s throw from our Waikiki abode. Win!

Musubi Cafe Iyasume - Waikiki - Honolulu

The Astronomer and I visited Iyasume on our first morning in town for a relatively light breakfast of two musubi and two onigiri.

The bacon, egg, and Spam musubi ($2.48) was as tasty as hoped, with the bacon and Spam providing a double savory punch while the egg and rice balanced out the whoosh of saltiness.
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Sunday Noodles at Yusho – Chicago

Yusho - Chicago

I love how Chicago’s restaurants embrace excess, highlighting meat and fat in every form at all meals and price points. Sure it’s indulgent, reckless even, but under a thoughtful chef’s care, this kind of cooking can be exhilarating. See: Avec, Little Goat, and Au Cheval.

Sometimes though, especially after a few days of glorious extravagance, all I desire is the comfort of a warm bowl of noodle soup. Hello, Yusho.

Yusho - Chicago

Owned and operated by Chef Mathias Merges, formerly the Executive Chef at Charlie Trotter’s for fourteen years, Yusho is a “a yakitori-inspired restaurant.” The space was designed by Merges’s wife, Rachel Crowl.

The menu here is usually focused on grilled meats on a stick, but Sundays are dedicated to noodles. The special Sunday Noodles menu is priced at $20 per guest and includes a bowl of noodles, dessert, and a beverage. It was just what The Astronomer and I were craving after going balls to wall for meals on end.

Yusho - Chicago

We both selected alcoholic drinks to pair with our noodles. For me, a frothy coconut, lime, and rum “kegged cocktail” that was available on draught. Every sip whisked my taste buds off to somewhere warm and tropical.

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{swoon} A5 Japanese Wagyu Tasting at Katana

Three-Way Wagyu Tasting: New York, Ribeye, Filet Mignon

Gastronomy’s fancy streak continues at Katana for Wagyu Week, going on now through March 9. In honor of the occasion, Chef Koji Matsuzaki has prepared a special menu featuring certified A5-grade Japanese Wagyu beef from Saga Prefecture. Of all the outrageously decadent preparations available, it was the “Three-Way Tasting” of New York, Ribeye, and Filet Mignon that was most swoon-worthy of all.

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