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Mariscos Los Lechugas – Los Angeles (El Sereno)

Mariscos Los Lechugas - Los Angeles

With the Ceviche Lover’s Guide to Los Angeles in hand, The Astronomer and I made our way to Mariscos Los Lechugas, where Jaime Lechuga, his wife Virginia, and their friend Epi Osuna have been selling Ensenada-style coctelestostadas, and tacos for the past decade on a serene-enough stretch of El Sereno.

Mariscos Los Lechugas - Los Angeles

Their colorfully painted trailer, which is hitched onto the back of a pickup truck, can be found on South Huntington Drive every day from 11 a.m. until early evening; it departs between 4 to 6 p.m., depending on customer demand and staff fatigue.

Mariscos Los Lechugas - Los Angeles

The Astronomer and I started off with a coctel. There’s one with just shrimp, another with both shrimp and octopus, and my selection, the “campechana” ($8), which included a bit of everything. The seafood, an array of shrimp, octopus, and tuna, was snappy and fresh, while the tangy tomato brew was well-balanced and terrific.

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Tacos Leo Truck – Los Angeles

Leo's Taco Truck - Mid-City - Los Angeles

When the sun sets over Los Angeles, the taqueros come out in full force from all corners of the city. The 76 gas station on the corner of Venice and La Brea in Mid-City plays host to the city’s finest al pastor operation, literally “shepherd-style” tacos prepared on a trompo (rotating spit), which was influenced by Lebanese immigrants in Mexico.

Leo's Taco Truck - Mid-City - Los Angeles

There’s almost always a line snaking through the parking lot, but Leo’s crew never breaks a sweat. Service is prompt and efficient, so you’ll get your taco in a timely fashion.

Leo's Taco Truck - Mid-City - Los Angeles

The pork, colored a fetching shade of red from dried red chilies and achiote paste (a blend of annatto, oregano, cumin, clove, cinnamon, black pepper, allspice, garlic, and salt), is loaded onto the trompo with precision and left to roast until perfectly tender and glossy.

As orders roll in, the cashier scribbles tickets for the taquero, who lops off the perfect porky portion straight into a griddled corn tortilla with a few swift flicks of his wrist.

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{swoon} Tostada de Pulpo at Rico’s Mar Azul Truck

Rico's Mar Azul Mariscos Truck - Highland Park

Rico’s Mar Azul, a splashy blue truck stationed in an idyllic park off Figueroa, specializes in Mexico City-style seafood preparations. The concise menu lists tostadas, cocteles, and that’s it. The tostada de pulpo, a raft of tender octopus and avocado slathered in a creamy white sauce reminiscent of Greek tzatziki, is my favorite bite of all.

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See | Hear | Taste | Transmission LA: A/V Club

Transmission LA: A/V Club Featuring Mike D. and Chef Roy Choi

The Roy Choi Express made a special stop at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in downtown Los Angeles earlier this week for a sneak peek of Transmission LA: A/V Club, a 17-day festival featuring the work of 16 contemporary artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, and chefs curated by Mike D of the Beastie Boys.

Transmission LA: A/V Club Featuring Mike D. and Chef Roy Choi

“A/V Club,” which is free to the public and runs from now until May 6, seeks to illustrate how audio and visual art forms complement and influence each other through concerts, performances, and installations. In addition to its audio and visual components, the exhibit also includes an edible element designed by Chef Roy Choi and the Kogi Team.

A rainbow splashed “mess hall” in the spirit of A-Frame has been built just for the event. I loved how the colorful tables had built-in troughs fit for various sauces and condiments. I can’t wait to see how this baby lights up at night.

Transmission LA: A/V Club Featuring Mike D. and Chef Roy Choi

The Kogi Truck will be dishing up its famous tacos, burritos, and quesadillas for dinner on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, as well as for lunch on Saturdays, throughout the exhibit’s run.

Additionally, Chef is going to dream up weekly specials based on what inspires him at the farmers market. As a nod to Mike D’s vegetarianism, the special will always be meat-free.

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