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Sadelle’s – New York

Sadelle's - New York

My trip to New York City coincided with Rosh Hashanah, which meant that my brother’s apartment was chock full of bagels, smoked fish, and bear claws, all of which were sourced from Sadelle’s.

An ambitious new-school Jewish deli from the folks at Major Food Group, Sadelle’s opened a few days prior to my arrival, and my bro and sister-in-law were early adopters.

Sadelle's - New York

Since I liked what I tasted, and I’ve yet to meet a Jewish deli that I didn’t love, The Astronomer, June and I made our way to Sadelle’s for lunch during our stay. The wait for a table bordered on tortuously long, but that’s par for the course when it comes to dining at a hotly anticipated restaurant during its first few days of business.

Sadelle's - New York

According to the New York Times, Sadelle’s was first imaged as a bakery for Melissa Weller, a pastry chef who experimented with bagels while working at Per Se. The menu has since evolved to include all manner of traditional Jewish appetizing during the day and caviar service at night. Continue reading ‘Sadelle’s – New York’

Sweets and the City: Cake, Paletas and more!

OddFellows Ice Cream Co. - New York City

When The Astronomer and I visited New York City in the past, we’d arrive with long lists of places to eat, sights to see, and people to visit. Traveling to The Big Apple with June last fall, we took a more laid back approach. Instead of filling our itinerary with lots of “stuff” to do, we spent our days wandering and snacking around TriBeCa and the East Village. Here are some of the sweet detours we took along the way…

Dough - New York City

A trip to New York isn’t complete without a doughnut from Chef Fany Gerson. She opened a Manhattan outlet of Dough in 2014, which made it much easier for us to get our deep-fried high on this visit. Making the trek to Bed-Stuy would’ve been pretty tough with a baby.

Dough - New York City

The flavor that caught our eye was the Tropical Chile, a giant yeast doughnut glazed with a chili-spiked passion fruit icing. It was tangy, hot, and sweet. Delightful.

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Ivan Ramen – New York City

At the pace I’m writing these days, I’ll be posting my 2015 “Year in Delicious” retrospective sometime in early spring. So it goes… Onward!

Ivan Ramen - New York City

Following Chop Stick Nation, The Astronomer, June, and I drove to New York City for our first official family vacation. Traveling with June, 10 months old at the time, was pretty great because she was starting to take in her surroundings and appreciate little adventures, especially culinary ones.

Ivan Ramen - New York City

For our first meal in the city, we headed to Ivan Ramen for a late lunch. Ivan Orkin, a self-described “Jewish kid from Long Island,” made a name for himself in Japan prior to opening two outlets in New York. We had the restaurant all to ourselves at this hour.

Ivan Ramen - New York City

Before noodle slurping commenced, The Astronomer and I shared two starters. The L.E.S. Bun ($11) paid homage to the restaurant’s neighborhood (the Lower East Side), stuffing pastrami in between steamed buns with karashi mayo and a daikon slaw.

While the bun was plush and the pastrami well-seasoned, the mustard-infused mayo was sinus-clearingly potent and unfortunately dominated every bite. Continue reading ‘Ivan Ramen – New York City’

Thanksgiving at Bouchon – Los Angeles (Beverly Hills)

Thanksgiving 2015 at Bouchon - Beverly Hills

We spent Thanksgiving out on the town for the second year running. Last year, The Astronomer and I slummed it at House of Pies in Los Feliz because June was stuck in the NICU. This year, we wined and dined at Bouchon in Beverly Hills. What a difference a year makes!


I’ve wanted to experience Thanksgiving at Bouchon ever since reading about Thomas Keller’s Thanksgiving Feast in Saveur last year. I made sure to make reservations early, because even at $80 a head and with a limited menu, the holiday gets booked up quickly. 

Thanksgiving 2015 at Bouchon - Beverly Hills

Everyone at the table, especially June, loved the fantastic pain d’epi to start. The perfectly spreadable butter made every bite even better.

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