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Striking Street Food Gold: 10 Fabulous Finds on South Yunnan Road – Shanghai

Grilled Lamb Skewers - Shanghai, China

From its futuristic skyline to its stellar public transportation system and well-curated museums, there was so much to soak in and admire during our short stay in Shanghai. Above all else though, it was the city’s street-side cuisine that had me (and my taste buds) smitten.

While the street food culture here wasn’t as ubiquitous as what I had previously experienced in Vietnam and Thailand, mainly due to government regulations coupled with rapid economic and urban development, it was absolutely glorious where it still existed in its purest form.

Yunnan Road - Shanghai, China

We found the greatest concentration and variety of street eats on a stretch of South Yunnan Road between Renmin Road and Ninghai Road (map below), where there was always something incredible to dig into morning, noon, and night.

Uyghur Grilled Lamb Skewers

Yunan Road2

I can’t recall if it was the smoky aromas emanating down the street or the tremendous heap of bamboo skewers piled high at the foot of the stall that first drew us to this vendor. Marinated with a touch of cumin and a whole lotta chili powder, the Uyghur-style grilled lamb kebabs surprised us with their intense heat. Each one was threaded with alternating pieces of meat and fat, with delectable results.

Loaves of sturdy, Uyghur-style bread, which were grilled upon request, were on hand to round out our meal. There was always a sizable line here, especially when lunch time rolled around.

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Shanghai Suppin’: Dumpling Soup & Rice Cakes

Shanghai, China - Pudong Skyline

The Astronomer and I arrived on the shores of Shanghai ready to feast—thirteen straight hours of idleness and bad airplane food had us feeling ravenous.

Shanghai Rice Cakes - Street Food - China

Our initial plan was to grab some grub on Shouning Road, a stretch of stalls famous for its seafood, but the hootin’ and hollerin’ that we received while perusing the options was a total appetite killer. This unfortunately turned out to be the case at all of the city’s advertised street food meccas on the trip. I should’ve taken my own advice circa 2008!

Dumpling Soup - Shanghai, China

Fortunately, we found what we were looking for—a slice of real Shanghai life and cookin’—while strolling down nearby Renmin Road. Down-home food served without fuss? Yes, please.

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{swoon} Weekend Carnitas at Central & Slauson

Weekend Carnitas at Central & Slauson - Los Angeles

Even though I downed a dozen plus tacos this past Sunday at Tacolandia, most of which can be traced back to La Guerrerense‘s booth, I’m still swooning over the carnitas that Bill Esparza introduced me to a few weekends back.

Unlike the gal who I overheard saying towards the tail end of the event, “I’ll never eat another taco again!” I could most definitely go for a few more tacos this minute, preferably ones from the weekends-only carnitas stand on a dusty stretch of Florence-Firestone.

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Cinco Sensational Sinoloan Sweets


While exploring the local culinary scene during the Gran Fiesta Amigos de Mazatlán, I was introduced to a plethora of sugar high-inducing sweets that really made an impression on me. Here are the five (plus a few bonus entries) most sensational Sinaloan dulces that passed these lips in chronological order…


Jamoncillo de Leche - Puerta de Canoas

Following lunch in Puerta de Canoas, we walked over to Jamoncillos de Doña Delia a few feet away to taste the shop’s signature candies: jamoncillos.

Jamoncillo de Leche - Puerta de Canoas

Also known as Mexican fudge, these bite-sized caramel kisses are made by cooking down leche de bronco (unpasteurized cow’s milk) with brown sugar.

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