May 2007

Wok & Roll – Minneapolis

May 11, 2007
Cuisine: Chinese, Japanese

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
4300 Glumack Drive
St. Paul, MN 55111

Phone: 612-726-1999
Website: none

Unagi Nigiri ($9.62)

Inari Sushi ($5.73)

I enjoyed some unexpectedly terrific sushi during my layover in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport coming back from Boise. Chances are slim that I’ll ever have a layover in this airport again, but perhaps some gas•tron•o•my readers travel through this hub more often and can give Wok & Roll a whirl. Regardless, it never hurts to share good eats.

Wok & Roll dishes up Chinese food (hence, wok) and sushi (hence, roll) in terminals C, E, and the main food court. While I generally steer clear of sushi found in malls, airports, or sold next to General Tso’s Chicken, I have a soft spot for Inari and decided to take a chance.

The Inari sushi was just as good as the ones served in full-service Japanese restaurants. The fried bean curd was sweet and the rice was moist and fragrant of vinegar. The Unagi Nigiri was delectable as well. A generous portion of eel sat atop a lightly packed mound of rice. I asked for extra Kabayaki Sauce because the eel looked a touch too dry. Low-end sushi can usually be saved with plenty of soy sauce, but the Inari and Unagi Nigiri were both satisfying on their own.

The prices at Wok & Roll are a bit steep, but the quality is high. It’s good to know palatable sushi can be found in unlikely places such as airport food courts in the Midwest.

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5 thoughts on “Wok & Roll – Minneapolis

  1. I second the author! I ate here before a flight out to Japan. It was great not only for airport food, but for any normal Japanese restaurant in the US as well. As I recall their udon was fantastic too!

  2. I usually have Pepper Steak at oriental restaurants so I was pleased to see that they had this at the Wok & Roll here at the Minneapolis International Airport today (5-9-11). That is until I put a piece of green pepper from my order in my mouth. It was so HOT peppery that my throat immediately started to close up and I almost gagged before I spit it out. Pepper Steak is supposed to taste like beef and green peppers NOT HOT PEPPERS. Beware of ordering Pepper Steak in this fast food joint.

  3. Food was tasteless! In fact, it was the worst layer food I’ve ever had. I threw over half away and went to find some wings.

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