Sep 2009

Syrup Desserts – Los Angeles (Downtown)


Remember that little statement I made in my Squid Ink profile about being the type of eater who waited for good reviews to roll in before slapping down my credit card to try a new restaurant? Well, there should have been an asterisk next to it. Positive buzz or not, I’ll be the first in line to test out a newly opened eatery if it specializes in Belgian waffles. While I’ve never had the pleasure of biting into a piping hot waffle on the streets of Belgium, I’ve tasted an adequate approximation stateside at Bonté in Philadelphia and have been enamored ever since.

When I received news that Syrup Desserts would be offering Belgian waffles in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, a huge smile swept across my face. It’s been years since I’ve experienced the crisp, chewy sweetness of a Belgian waffle and was giddy for another go.


My posse of late night revelers, including The Astronomer, Diana Takes a Bite, Eat, Sip, Chew, Naked Sushi, The Roaming Belly, and L.A. and O.C. Foodventures, arrived on the Syrup Desserts scene minutes before eleven. We’d just finished a night of celebrating and boozing at The Association and were ready for a sugary nightcap.

Syrup Desserts is a two-story temple of crepes, waffles, and sweet grilled cheese sandwiches. After placing our order at the counter—one waffle and one grilled cheese—we hoofed it to the second floor and settled into a table fit for six. The upstairs decor reminded me of a set from a Bunim/Murray production.


The Astronomer’s grilled Muenster cheese sandwich with blackberries and walnuts ($5.50) tasted much more impressive than it looked. The thin slices of white bread were smeared with butter and sprinkled with sugar, which created a toasty and caramelized exterior.


The innards spewed sweet berries and gooey cheese. The kitchen did not skimp on the fresh blackberries, which resulted in a sweet and savory amalgam of flavors. What a delight!


Syrup Desserts didn’t offer an unadorned Belgian waffle, so I went with a Blueberry Lemon Drop that was served with powdered sugar and whipped cream ($1.95). Upon receiving my waffle, I pushed the whipped cream aside in order to taste it in its simplest state. The bites where the cream hadn’t soaked in were crisp, but sadly not caramelized, and tasted doughy rather than chewy. The waffle had a certain appeal, but I was hoping for a Liège waffle with chunks of pearl sugar and caramelized ridges.

We’ll be back for the Honey Pot.

Syrup Desserts
611 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone:  213-488-5136

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17 thoughts on “Syrup Desserts – Los Angeles (Downtown)

  1. first of all, i was there too. did you forget me? hehe. secondly, i had a “belgian waffle” at eurostation at the howard hughes center and i nearly died. styrofoam. it went out of business in 2 months. i didn’t yelp or review it, it was so bad. third, let’s go to belgium and eat some waffles. ; )

  2. Sookie – We’ve discussed this. It doesn’t count if you don’t eat and stay for 30 seconds 😉

    KFP – Why yes, they are from my new D90! Thanks for noticing, kind gentleman.

  3. That’s too bad that they don’t have just a plain Belgium waffle. I havent had a good Belgium waffle in so long. One of my best friends is from Belgium. The waffles I have at his place were so delicious…

  4. I am definitely going to have to try this place tomorrow! Have you tried the Liege from Le Pain Quotidien when served right it is crispy but soft and pefectly sweet with the little sugar pearls barely melting inside!

  5. after reading your review, i was excited to give it a try. waffles are my fave for breakfast, or anytime really. however, i was dissapointed with my waffle. i ordered the caramel apple, and it was very doughy, not at all crispy or light in texture. the ice cream was good, but the apples were a little mealy. i don’t think i’ll go back for the waffles, but i did like the space and drinks.

  6. Umami Mama – Glad to see you back online! I wasn’t too keen on the waffle either since I was hoping for an authentic Belgian number. Taken for what it was, the flavor was quite pleasant. The texture, on the other hand, was a different story. Vern and I loved the grilled cheese though!

  7. I just had an amazing Liege Waffle at Lucky Devils in Hollywood. They recently started serving them and chef/owner Lucky is meticulous about the caramelizing sugar process. I’m heading back for more this weekend!

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