Nov 2009

Full Moon Bar-B-Que – Birmingham


The Astronomer and I officially declared this past September Family Appreciation Month. Following a fantastic week in New York City with my brother, we jetted off to Birmingham to spend some quality time with The Astronomer’s family. With cooler temps, minimal humidity, and juicy muscadines in bloom, fall is the perfect time to visit the great state of Alabama.

The Astronomer and I were jonesing for some ‘cue as soon as we deplaned. Jim ‘N Nick’s has always been our go-to spot, but we decided to branch out from our comfortable cheese biscuit zone during this visit. Armed with Birmingham Magazine’s Barbecue Bible,” we set out to explore the city’s tasty terrain. Our first stop was at Full Moon Bar-B-Que.


Since this was our first visit to Full Moon, we weren’t sure of the restaurant’s location. Fortunately, large plumes of smoke billowing from the chimney could be spotted from the distant highway.


As is customary with restaurants in these here parts, every inch of wall space was either covered with flat screen televisions or Alabama and Auburn regalia. Roll Tide!


Another popular motif among Birmingham’s barbecue shacks is piggy paraphernalia. This little piggy’s bright blue eye shadow and seductive lashes scared the pants off The Astronomer’s mother.


The self-proclaimed “Best Little Pork House in Alabama,” Full Moon specializes in ribs. The Astronomer ordered a half rack of baby backs ($9.99) with macaroni and cheese, corn on the cob, and a corn muffin on the side. Cooked slow and low over a hot hickory fire, the ribs were tender but not outstandingly so. Full Moon’s signature thick and tangy sauce was slathered on generously. In regard to the sides, The Astronomer found the corn overcooked, the muffin quite nice, and the mac and cheese comfortingly mushy.


I ordered a pulled pork plate ($8.99), which was served with two trimmings, a side of chow-chow (spicy and sweet relish), and a toasted bun. I chose macaroni and cheese and fried green tomatoes for my trimmings. Employing the bun, chow-chow, pickles, and pulled pork, I made an extra-saucy sandwich just to my liking. The sides were competent, but nowhere as polished as Jim ‘N Nick’s.

Full Moon Bar-B-Que
470 Colonial Promenade Parkway
Alabaster, AL 35007
Phone: 205-620-4442

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9 thoughts on “Full Moon Bar-B-Que – Birmingham

  1. Being a Texas gal & not into sweet sauces, I gotta go w/ a dry rub. Always love the pig motif though!

  2. Ok, I laughed out loud at that piggy with the lashes and eye shadow!! Did this place also have beef ribs … mmmmmmmmm, those are so so good!

  3. Hi Cathy,
    Yum, I like pork, especially pork ribs bbq,makes me buckle at the knees. Hey I am not sure if you noticed, but in the second picture of this post, next to the door, it looks like some kid is covering himself in a black garbage bag w/just his legs sticking out. It’s weird and kind of creepy, but then I notice the weird things. Tha nks for sharing

  4. Muneeba – Full Moon offers beef brisket, but no beef ribs.

    David – I noticed the strange limbs while editing the photo. I zoomed in to see what was up and decided that no humans were actually harmed. I like creepy.

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