Feb 2009

Jim ‘N Nick’s – Birmingham

A trip to Birmingham just wouldn’t be complete without a cheese biscuit and pulled pork gorging at my favorite barbecue joint—Jim ‘N Nick’s. In the past, The Astronomer and I have been known to eat here more than once during a short stay, but sadly this time around we were only able to fit in one meal.

Since our last visit, the powers that be have decided to make Jim ‘N Nick’s beloved cheese biscuits complimentary. Whereas in the past diners ordered a portion of cheese biscuits to accompany their meal, these days, fresh biscuits are served tableside before orders are even taken. Woot! Woot!

It’s unclear how this muffin product earned its biscuit title, but what’s important is their terrific taste. To quote myself, cheese biscuits are “warm, crisp around the edges, moist within, sweet, and slightly cheesy. These little gems are heavenly.” It’s good to know that my three-year-old commentary still stands true. The next time a hankering for cheese biscuits hits, I’m going to test out this recipe for homemade cheese biscuits.

The Astronomer and I were grossly overfed during our Alabama stay, and palate fatigue had set in as a result, so we decided to share a single two-meat platter with pulled pork and beef brisket. For our sides, we chose the macaroni and cheese and fried green tomatoes. Both meats were tender and saucy, the mac and cheese was as mushy and satisfying as I remembered, and the fried green tomatoes were lightly battered in cornmeal and fried to a firm and tangy crisp. The meats were great and all, but what I love most about ‘Bama barbecue are the sides. Texas barbecue needs to step it up.

We finished off the meal with a slice of lemon ice box pie. All I’ve got to say is Southerners make a mean (and massive) cream pie.

Jim ‘N Nick’s
1912 11th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL
Phone: 205-320-1060

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15 thoughts on “Jim ‘N Nick’s – Birmingham

  1. Thanks for the link to the cheese biscuits recipe – I think I might try that this weekend with some slow cooker pulled pork!

  2. County Line is a chain and isn’t authentic central Texas bbq. East Texas bbq is sweet with slathered on sauce that is reminiscent of Memphis bbq.

  3. Su-Lin – That’s a great idea! Saucy, tender pork with sweet cheese biscuits sounds like a delectable feast.

    Jaye Vee – My friend Esme who hails from Austin and takes her barbecue very seriously recommended County Line to me. The meat was excellent, especially the sausage, but the coleslaw and beans were bland compared to the sides in Birmingham. Same goes with The Salt Lick.

  4. My hometown is Austin; so strange that an Austinite would actually recommend a chain that we consider to be like a bbq version of Applebee’s. The Salt Lick is overrated and is a fave of visitors and new Austin transplants and students. Their sauce has a bit too much sugar and oil in it, resulting in the only central TX bbq I’ve ever had with a sauce that’s higher in calories than the meat.

    If there’s a next time, try Louie Mueller’s just north of Austin in Taylor, TX. A James Beard award winner, their meat (omg the pork ribs) is unmatched… and their mustard potato salad reminds me of my dad’s German potato salad. However, I’m not a fan of their sausage.

    The best sausage comes from any bbq joint that has it shipped in from a central Texas sausage maker. That’s probably why you can get great sausage when it’s not actually sausage made on the premises.

    The best sides also come from joints with Southern/soul roots. Rudy’s, Iron Works work too.. To go with just amazing sides, there are a couple of soul food restaurants that offer primarily just that. Hoover’s for one. So it makes sense that this place in Birmingham would have great sides.

  5. Jaye Vee – Thank you for taking the time to give me some solid recs! I certainly hope there is a next time and I’ll be at Louie Mueller’s when it comes 😉

  6. Oh gosh, I’d hate to think that I’ll have to go all the way to Alabama for a slice of that amazing lemon ice box pie!
    I’m not much of a sweet eater, but lemon cream pie’s definitely give me cravings. The pictures looks fabulous!

  7. Jim N’ Nicks is my favorite resturant! We drive out that way once a week to eat there. I oder something different each time we go. I have NEVER had a single meal that wasn’t good (and their lemon aid is the BEST!!!!)

    I am a fan of Todd Wilbur also. I would love to see him make a book on ALL of Jim N’ Nicks stuff. I’d buy a copy for everyone in my family if he did.

    Ok, I better go workout BEFORE I get to trying your copy-cat recipe!

    I can’t wait to try them.
    Thanks for posting it!

  8. is there any way that i could get the recipe for the delicious lemon pie? DO YOU SHARE IT ?

  9. I worked for Jim N Nicks for a couple of years and I can tell that recipe is impossible to get. You can’t pay someone to slip it to you! I was able to find out one thing…That lemon pie is made fresh daily from Fresh squeeze lemons. There isn’t a drop of canned/jarred lemon juice in it!! Oh and if you haven’t had the Pecan Pie….IT’S A MUST AS WELL!

  10. I will pay someone that has the recipe for the lemon ice box pie! I have to make it for a wedding reception for my in-laws, HELP!!! I want to prove myself please anyone help me please!!

  11. Thanks for the cheese Biscuit recipe. They are tasty. We visited our Son in Birmingham, Jim and Nicks is his favorite bbq place. It was easy to see why; we loved it! I’m sorry we didnt try the Lemon pie. 🙁

  12. ive only been to Jim ‘N Nick’s once &it was freaking awesomeNESS . ii came to this website in search of a recipe for the Lemon Ice Box . fitting that it wouldn’t be here . they’d be crazy to release that kind of information out into the world . loL . your article still proved to be amazing &your pictures are stellar . 🙂

  13. I just found you’re blog and am enjoying it tremendously. I am a B’ham native and worked at both Jim ‘n Nick’s and Hot and Hot during my time in the service industry. I have lived in Raleigh, NC now for over 10 years and Jim ‘n Nick’s is our first and last stop when I go home!

    She is a Raleigh native, but was quickly converted to a Jim ‘n Nick’s evangelist on her first visit to Alabama. Many of the B’ham BBQ joints make onion rings from scratch – and Jim ‘n Nicks does it best! It’s the first thing we order with a large bowl of warmed BBQ sauce for dipping – AMAZING! This blog entry has made me want to drive 11 hours right now just to have some with a huge pulled pork sandwich!

  14. OMG, we went to Jim & Nicks for dinner while in Charleston, SC. I had the “Loaded Mac” with Pulled Pork and their Cheesy Corn Muffins and it was the BEST Mac & Cheese I’ve ever had! I wish I had gone back to bring some Mac & Cheese home! If only I could copy their recipe…#delish

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