Nov 2009

Edgar's Old Style Bakery – Birmingham


Lately, I’ve been spoiling my appetite by consuming rich desserts moments before sitting down to dinner. I don’t mean to disrupt the natural order of things, it’s just that bakeries tend to close up early, and keeping my hands off freshly purchased sweets is nearly impossible. Gluttony and lack of self control seem to compromise my usual good sense.

The latest episode of appetite spoilage occurred while visiting Birmingham. The Astronomer and I were on our way to the Cajun Steamer for a family dinner when I spied a branch of Edgar’s Old Style Bakery a few doors down. Even though we were minutes away from breaking bread, I insisted that we step inside to quickly peruse the selection. After oohing over the goods, I unsurprisingly walked out of the shop with a red velvet cupcake in hand. The sensible move at that point would have been to save the sweet until after supper, but where’s the fun in that?

I’ve indulged in many red velvets in the past, but this was my first truly authentic Southern one. The dainty crimson cupcake was topped with a neat swirl of cream cheese frosting and dusted with cakey crumbles. The mildly flavored cake was moist, yet firm, while the well-portioned frosting teetered tastily between sweet and tangy. The size of the cupcake was also just right—we finished off the final bite right as we walked through the restaurant’s door.

Full disclosure: I ate another dessert after dinner at the Cajun Steamer, deep fried cheesecake to be exact.

Edgar’s Old Style Bakery
180 West Main Street
Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: 205-987-0790

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11 thoughts on “Edgar's Old Style Bakery – Birmingham

  1. oooo aaaa the torture of looking at one of these, I was raving on another blog about how delicious this looks and now yours. I am seriously needing to go pick up a box of red velvets. Hoover Alabama?Wow you went deep down way in the south,lol.

  2. goodness gracious. dessert before dinner. my word. what would driving ms. daisy say? “you’re my bey-est freyandd”. What would the driver say? i’m just doing my job ms. daisy.

  3. Gluttony and lack of self control seem to compromise my usual good sense too. I think that’s why we get along so well. 🙂 Either that or because we are both geeky runners.

    So how did the classic southern rv stack up against LA varieties?

  4. If you think that the Redvelvet was good you should try the following: The Strawberry cake (they also have it in cupcake form),the strawberry roll(thier take on a cinnamon roll minus the cinnamon),the lemon square(or any of the squares) you could never go wrong with the square.The only thing I don’t order is the chocolate cake(mine is better)it tends to be dry .

  5. I love Edgar’s bakery. My 4 year old daughter asks to go there often! If you ever visit again, try a slice of strawberry cake with strawberry icing or a morning glory muffins (may be called carrot cake muffin)! Both are wonderful!!

  6. If you ever get to another Edgar’s you MUST try the lemon squares. They are without a doubt THE BEST sweet thing I’ve ever tasted!

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