Feb 2010

Mozza 2 Go – Los Angeles


Confronted with a 45 minute wait for two seats at Osteria Mozza‘s Amaro Bar, The Astronomer and I passed the time away the best way we knew how—stuffing our faces at Mozza2Go. Time ticks by infinitely faster over a couple of prime bites.


Mozza2Go offers Pizzeria Mozza‘s greatest hits, like Nancy Silverton’s signature chopped salad, the swoon-inducing butterscotch budino, and the moreish-to-the-extreme fennel sausage pizza. There’s also a panoply of gourmet products on sale including fresh burrata, dried pastas, and an array of sauces. The entire menu is available for both delivery and pick-up.


With a three-course dinner minutes away, we shared a single order of the chicken liver bruschette ($9) with capers, parsley, and guanciale. I’ve always been more of a gizzard girl when it comes to chicken bits, but I fell hard for this dish during a recent dinner at the Pizzeria. The deep, savory, and slightly metallic taste of the spread had my full attention at first bite.

The Astronomer and I dug into the trio of bruschette on the wooden bench outside the front door. We were pleased to find that the toast rounds were perfectly crisp and the guanciale was still glistening from the stove. The livers tasted as wonderful as we remembered, except their temps were a touch cooler. All in all, the bruschette were a fantastic snack to quell our hunger pangs while enduring such a lengthy wait.

Mozza 2 Go
6610 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Phone: 323-297-1130

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13 thoughts on “Mozza 2 Go – Los Angeles

  1. My absolute favorite at Mozza (more than the pizza, sorry!) Wish Nancy would make a chicken liver pizza… just olive oil on pie while baking, then top with chicken liver and burrata after removing from oven!

  2. Jo, me too!! Actually, this chicken liver and the budino are all I need. Yes, a dessert I actually like! πŸ˜€

    Hmm, now I gotta go back and get more liver.

  3. Shoot. Thanks for reminding me that I let my BlackboardEats discount expire. Looks like a good 2 Go experience. Then again, with the chicken liver crostini, how could it not be? That and the budino are my two favorite things from either Mozza, so far, by far.

  4. Your pics and descriptions make me want to eat there everyday! Can’t wait to check out Amaro Bar too.

  5. I mentioned “Mozza 2 Go” to Danny the other night and he didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. Can you talk some sense into him? Kthxbai πŸ˜‰

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