May 2010

Swiss Air


These past couple of weeks have been nothing short of exhilarating. Shortly after The Astronomer and I tied the knot in late April, we packed our bags and headed to Spain to honeymoon. There are tons of delicious details that I want to share about the wedding, but it will have to wait a few months because the professional photos are currently being processed. In the meantime, let’s hop on board Swiss Air to Barcelona!


As soon as we reached cruising altitude, the flight crew busted out the “Happy Mix,” wine, and beer! The white wine’s crisp and fruity notes paired like a dream with the salty pretzels and goldfish crackers. I kid…sort of.


Even though airplane food is rarely outstanding, I always nap with one eye open to avoid missing a meal.  While on board a monotonous twelve-hour flight, the sound of the squeaky cart making its way down the aisle becomes something kind of magical.


For dinner, we were given a choice of “pasta” or “beef.”  I love how succinct mile-high meal descriptions are. I chose the pasta, which turned out to be superior to The Astronomer’s beef. The ricotta-stuffed tortellini were a smidgen overcooked, but still palatable with their accompanying red sauce and cheesy topping. The roll was impressively warm, successfully melting the frigid pat of Land O’Lakes butter. The salad was gross, as was the Sara Lee chocolate cake for dessert.


The Astronomer’s beef entree was edible, but not very exciting. However, he did appreciate that the vegetables weren’t overcooked. The best items on the tray were the mashed red potatoes and the brownie for dessert.


A couple of hours before landing in Zurich, we were served a continental breakfast consisting of a croissant, a roll, a canister of yogurt, and  juice. While Swiss Air’s croissants can’t touch the ones served on board EVA Airlines, I requested another one anyway when the cart came by for the second time. My appetite for carbs is insatiable.


After a quick layover in Zurich, The Astronomer and I boarded a second flight to Barcelona. On this leg of the journey, we were fed “Laugen Bread with Appenzeller.” The Swiss cheese sandwiches were smothered in whole grain mustard and served on bread with a pretzel-like consistency. A simple but satisfying offering.


Here’s where the real fun begins!

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15 thoughts on “Swiss Air

  1. haha, i think this is the first time i’ve read a post where you actually called something “gross”

  2. Cathy, I love your dedication to documenting your meals, even airline meals! The Swiss sandwich, “Laugen Bread with Appenzeller,” looked good. Love the updates from Spain! Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon!! 🙂

  3. Wow, great photos. I feel like I can reach out & eat it. What camera do you use?

  4. Sarah – I mean it, too 😉 Didn’t touch the cake. Gave the salad 2.5 bites.

    Donna – “Airplane food” is one of my fave categories on the site. Can’t explain the fascination.

    Karen – Thank you! I shoot with a Nikon D90 with a 25 mm f1.8 lens.

  5. i definitely don’t miss airplane food….though i miss the travel. can’t wait to read about your international eats.

  6. Even with the gross salad, that looks far better than any of the fare I’ve been served on my domestic flights here in the US of A! And now we are lucky if we even get pretzels to pair with our ginger ale!

    Can’t wait to hear about the eats on the ground. 🙂

  7. Ah, airplane food! I would have expected more from Swiss Air, but at least the wine was good 🙂 Love your pictures. And Happy Honeymoon!

  8. I suggest requesting a vegan meal when flying. The times I have done it, I’ve been more than satisfied (for example: orange supremes and steamed asparagus in a green salad, and whole grain salad). The only downside is that they’ve always served me the special ordered meals after the regular meal service… but in my opinion, waiting the extra few minutes is worth it.

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