Aug 2010

Class 302 – Rowland Heights

Class 302 - Rowland Heights

After gorging on the freshest cuts of halibut at Dongbu Live Fish, may I suggest grabbing dessert at Class 302? It’s a little cafe serving Taiwanese snacks and sweets, most notably shaved snow. Danny, my friend and Chinese food guru, introduced me to this spot a few weeks ago, and I’ve since been back twice. If Rowland Heights weren’t such a drive, Class 302 would certainly be a bi-weekly habit. The shaved snow is really wonderful, especially on scorching summer days like these.

Class 302 - Rowland Heights

Modeled after a traditional Taiwanese classroom, the ambiance here is strangely appealing. Diners eat at desk clusters, waitresses don school girl uniforms, and notebooks are tucked into little cubbies. The combination of kitsch, fun, and food attracts droves of Taiwanese teens and nostalgic elders. Who knew playing school offered such popular appeal? The model minority stereotype lives on…

Class 302 - Rowland Heights

Shaved snow is a very distant cousin of Hawaiian shaved ice. Its unique ribbon-like texture is achieved by freezing huge chunks of flavored water and milk, and then shaving it using a special machine. The resulting sheets of snow are gloriously creamy and dissolve ever so quickly on the tongue. It’s been years since I’ve tasted freshly fallen snow, but if memory serves me right, it tasted just like this (minus the infusions).

Class 302 - Rowland Heights

My first trip to Class 302 was late in the evening, and most flavors were sold out. Our party of three shared an order of condensed milk-flavored snow with red beans, strawberries, and taro topped with additional condensed milk ($6.50). The red beans and strawberries paired delightfully with the mildly flavored snow. This brief introduction had me hankering for more…

Class 302 - Rowland Heights

I returned two weeks later with a posse of shaved ice enthusiasts in tow. We made sure to arrive at half past noon to guarantee a full selection of flavors. One of my favorites this afternoon was the green tea snow topped with red beans, mochi, and condensed milk ($6.50). The snow was perfectly balanced, not too sweet and not too bitter, and tasted even better with the array of toppings. I was fighting my friends for the limited number of sticky mochi balls.

Class 302 - Rowland Heights

The Astronomer quite liked the condensed milk snow with strawberries, mangoes, and an extra gush of condensed milk ($6.50). It was fruity, creamy, and refreshing.

Class 302 - Rowland Heights

Another delightful creation was the caramel pudding shaved snow ($6.50), which was comprised of a layer of snow, followed by a layer of pudding, and a final layer of snow. A dousing of condensed milk and caramel syrup provided finishing sweet touches. The pudding’s flan-like flavor melded deliciously with the snow and syrup.

Class 302 - Rowland Heights

And finally, an order of mango snow with fresh mangoes and mochi ($6.50). With their tinge of tartness, the ribbons of mango flavored snow turned out to be The Astronomer’s pick of the day.

It’s important to note that Class 302 usually runs out of its first batch of snow sometime before 3PM, depending on demand. A fresh batch is available after 7 PM Plan your trip accordingly and enjoy. Shaved snow rocks!

Class 302 Taiwanese Cuisine
1015 Nogales Street
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
Phone: 626-965-5809

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15 thoughts on “Class 302 – Rowland Heights

  1. YUM! I love, love, love Taiwanese shaved ice. You’re killing me softly with that red bean goodness. Must find something similar in Portland…

  2. The last time I went, they were out of shaved snow. This post only reminds me that I need to go back so I can try it for the first time! That looks so yummy, especially since it’s still so hot right now…

  3. I had heard about this place a little while back, and have yet to go. It’s definitely still high up on my list next time I’m in that area.

  4. Wow! Those look like works of art! Or shaved ice sculptures. 🙂 I might have to make the trek out to Rowland Heights for that caramel pudding one.

  5. A place that serves shaved snow here doesn’t have condensed milk as one of its toppings! They do have it, but they;re not listed as one of the toppings one can choose. So strange. I have actually resorted to bringing my own condensed milk. Yes. It’s in a food court, so it’s not so loser-y. 😉

  6. Great post! I love this place and would be here twice a week too if it wasn’t so far away from me. Love all the shaved ices here, but my favorite is definitely the mango one.

  7. I’ve tried every flavor they have to offer!!! It’s so good and noting – I mean NOTHING like shaved ice. I wish everyone can give this a go because you’ll fall in love with it, like I have. 🙂

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