Aug 2010

GIVEAWAY: Taste of Beverly Hills Tix

Taste of Beverly Hills

In celebration of all things epicurean, Taste of Beverly Hills will showcase the talents of Los Angeles’ top chefs and restaurateurs. Over 100 local restaurants and California wineries have been selected to participate in this gastronomic blowout. The fourday event will feature six diverse and delicious sessions [See the official schedule for a complete list of participating restaurants]:

  • Beverly Hills Celebration (9/2 – 6:30 to 10:00 PM) – Headlined by pop star Natasha Bedingfield, along with CNN Talk Show host Larry King as master of ceremonies. The Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce introduces Mayor Jimmy Delshad to kick off the evening’s festivities. Guests will be provided with unlimited food and drink from renowned Beverly Hills restaurants and chefs. Celebrated chef Wolfgang Puck of Spago Beverly Hills and Cut Beverly Hills will make a special appearance.
  • The Art of Mixing (9/3 – 7  to 11 PM) – Featuring the city’s top mixologists and DJs “mixing” their talents.
  • Secrets from the Kitchen and Cellar (9/4 – 11 AM to 3 PM) – The day will be filled with session after session from chefs, master sommeliers, and other experts in their fields, showcasing their tricks of the trade of all things food and wine. Additionally, the day will feature LG’s Taste of Something Better cooking competition, hosted by chef Tim Love.
  • Date Night (9/4 – 7 to 11 PM) – Enjoy a beautiful evening of food, wine and entertainment with a significant other or friends, while partaking in some of the city’s top restaurants and their signature entrees. Spend one-on-one time with industry experts and delve into a beautiful variety of wines, showcasing vintners top wines, but also pouring some everyday selections.
  • The Art of Brunch (9/5 – 10 AM to 3 PM) – No one does brunch like L.A. Avoid the hour-and-a-half waits and come partake in an unparalleled brunch experience.  LA’s finest brunch hot spots will be serving up each of their signature dishes along side free-flowing Bloody Marys, Bellinis and Mimosas.
  • BBQ in the Hills (9/5 – 7 to 11 PM) – Expect the unexpected as local top chefs and restaurants express their interpretation of what BBQ is all about.

Taste of Beverly Hills Tix Giveaway

I have TWO tickets (valued at $300) to give away to ONE lucky gas•tron•o•my reader. The winner will choose ONE Taste of Beverly Hills session to attend. To qualify for the giveaway, please leave a comment with your name and email address in the appropriate fields, and your answer to the following question: What’s the greatest thing you’ve ever eaten in L.A.? Only one entry per person, please. I’ll be using a random number generator to choose the winner. All entries must be received by Sunday, August 29, 2010 at midnight PST. Good luck!

[NOTE: Taste of Beverly Hills will be hosting a Happy Hour at The Peninsula Beverly Hills on August 26 from 5 to 7 PM. In addition to half-priced food and drinks at the hotel’s rooftop bar, any Taste of Beverly Hills tickets purchased during the happy hour will be discounted.]

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130 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Taste of Beverly Hills Tix

  1. The great thing I’ve eaten in LA is Kyochon Fried Chicken. I’ve been in San Diego for college for the past four years, but every time I go home, I always go to Kyochon for a fix. Their spicy wings are burning in my mouth addictive.

  2. At the recent Plate by Plate food and wine event, Perfecto Rocher of The BLVD had an amazing amuse bouche, an explosively flavored small bite of raw diced yellowtail with a piquant green apple foam that tasted like the essence of a fresh apple and then crowned with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. The fish had the taste of the sea, the foam was both slightly sweet and tart, the roasted sesame seeds added earthiness. Every taste sensation in one little spoon!

  3. The Galbi Jjim at Seongbukdong. I could probably exhaust the world supply of superlatives on this dish.

    Runners up:
    – The prime rib French dip sandwich at Dal Rae
    – The hot pastrami sandwich at Langer’s Deli
    – The port and Stilton burger at Umami Burger
    – The fish taco at Ricky’s Fish Taco
    – The Gorgonzola, potato and rosemary pizza at Pizzeria Mozza

  4. The greatest thing I’ve ever eaten in LA is actually all over LA. I LOVE chasing LA food trucks even though I live about 20 miles away in Long Beach. My favorite truck is the Buttermilk Truck and their mouth-watering red velvet pancakes. I crave it so much the drive (and the LA traffic) don’t even bother me.

  5. If I had to pick one thing, it would have to be the Beef Dry Curry (Khua Kling Phat Tha Lung) at Jitlada. My mouth waters just thinking about it, especially now that I don’t eat meat!

  6. I love eating sooo much food in LA, but one of the greatest is the chicken at Pollo A La Brasa! The green sauce is amazing! This event sounds so awesome and it’s my 21st birthday weekend. This would be soooo cool!

  7. The best thing I’ve had in LA is the foie gras, biscuit, maple sausage gravy dish at Animal restaurant. Delicious!!

  8. The mussels from Jitlada – fat, juicy green-lipped New Zealand mussels in a slightly spicy broth. Add a touch of the chili sauce and you’re all set! Delicious!

  9. Yook Hwe Bi Bim Bap in Woo Lae Oak BH. Raw beef, pear, egg yolk, sesame seed and sesame oil. Delish. Korean style steak tartar w/ Bap.

  10. This is like asking me to pick a favorite child! I’m very partial to the squid ink spaghetti at Il Chianti.

  11. I have been staring at my wall for five minutes trying to narrow it down to one thing, and I can’t. I’m going to have to give you the same answer I give when asked about a favorite book: I can give you a top five, and if you ask next week it’ll be different.

    (In no particular order):

    1) Burgers. In my mind, they all exist as gods ruling over a great kingdom. Umami, In-n-Out, Tommy and Astro are the four that concern me.

    2) Kyochon. Only time in my life I’ve craved fried chicken.

    3) Get Shaved shave ice. Each and every time I stand outside and eat a cup, it is like I’m in Kauai again.

    4) Hakata Ramen Shinsengumi. Ramen, dude.

    5) La Revolucion, a microscopic hole-in-the-wall in Hawthorne that served me the best Mexican food of my life.

  12. It’s cheap. It’s dingy. It’s DELICIOUS. Lucky Diner (i think off of Broadway?) serves all-day dim sum hole-in-the-wall style.

    Umm, what more can I say?

    Best. Thing. Ever.

  13. I’m going to buck the trend and leave Jitlada to those West of the I-5. My favorites are the egg salad from Euro Pane in Pasadena; the chicken pot pie from Moffett’s Family Restaurant & Chicken Pot Pie Shop in Arcadia (they also have take & bake); the Moules Marinières (mussels) at Cafe Massilia in Monrovia; the papa rellenas at either Merengue Cafe in Monrovia or Portos in Glendale; short rib taco from Kogi BBQ truck. Technically not a food, although I’ve been known to drink it for breakfast, is the Coconut Breve at Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters in Pasadena. (Sorry, so long-winded. We have great food in LA.)

  14. Soowon Galbi Korean BBQ! I live in Oxnard, so we don’t have very good Korean food here. So whenever I’m in LA, I gotta get my Korean fix….and then somewhere else for my Japanese fix….and then Chinese…..

  15. So much great food, but for me it’s the dim sum at Hong Kong Palace, specifically the fried squid. So good!

  16. The best thing I’ve consistently eaten in Los Angeles has to be the al pastor quesadilla from El Chato taco truck on La Brea / Olympic. Perfectly seasoned and moist, cheesy, cheap, big, and every bite is delicious. Too bad they’re not open on Sunday. Sigh.

  17. Probably the best food I’ve had in LA is the pierogies from Warsawa in Santa Monica. Old world food, great interior, and a wonderful way to spend a night with anyone you like.

  18. I recently attended LA street food fest, and those food trucks definitely had some of the best food I’ve had in LA.

  19. The red sauce clam pasta with rigatoni from Caruso’s Cucino in Van Nuys. I’ve only had it once, about a year ago…but every time I crave pasta, I think about that dish. YUM

  20. So far, the greatest thing I’ve eaten is the poached egg dish at Ludobites 5.0. It was such a “simple” dish but so full of flavor and the texture was amazing. The potato mousseline was soft, the poached egg cooked perfectly and the chorizo condiment was delicious. What really made this dish pop was the addition of squid ink powder…that crunchy texture was what really made this dish; without it, the soft texture would have been too much. The greatest thing about this dish? The fact that my husband, who is very much a plain meat n’ potatoes kind of guy, LOVED it. He now brags to people that he has tried squid ink. 🙂

  21. AYCE korean BBQ at Tahoe in Koreatown. it is soo good but going too often is bad for the waistline!

  22. Apple Pan – really can’t get it anywhere else, Johnny Rockets doesn’t even come close…also the butterscotch bundino at Pizzeria Mozza, such a great combo of pudding/caramel/sea salt…

  23. I love the flavorful udon of Orochon in Little Tokyo, especially the egg they put on top of it. Yummmm.

  24. There are so many dishes and restaurants to choose from, but I’m going to have to say Sushi Zo’s omakase. For now, at least. 😉

  25. The beef tartar topped with caviar at Petrossian is my favorite, but it was a difficult decision. Your blog is awesome, by the way. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  26. The sushi assortment of Urasawa-san’s omakase meal has been one of my greatest dining experiences by far.

  27. The best food I have ever eaten in LA is In-N-Out burger. I can’t describe how honestly great it is. It’s so tasty, and I refer it to everybody who gets to go to LA.

  28. Although I’ve had wonderful meals at places from Koi to Pho 79 to the Estrella taco truck on York Avenue, I still crave the lobster ravioli I had about 8 years ago at Angeli Caffe.

  29. this is really hard to say! it depends on the mood, the crave, and the wallet.

    the best dessert i’ve had that is sweet to my wallet as well is the creme brulee cheesecake at the coffee table in silverlake.

  30. The garlic roasted crab and garlic
    roasted noodles at crustaceans
    in beverly hills. thats our go to
    place for celebrations.

  31. LA is such a great food city. So many great choices but one of the most memorable was at Osteria Mozza: the sweetbread piccata with artichokes. I felt like I was in Italy!

  32. The best thing I have ever eaten of late is the Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich of Brown Butter Candied Bacon Ice Cream between two chocolate cookies. I believe it is NIRVANA

  33. The pizza rosa pizza from Palermos in Los Feliz. The actually give you a slice on the table instead of plain bread but when I do delivery that’s the one I always order…so good!

  34. I really hate to be such a cliche, but I have to say that the best thing I ever ate was Ludo Fried Chicken from LA Street Food fest 1.0. Nevermind that the wait for the chicken was over 3.5 hours from ordering to actually getting the chicken, but the chicken itself has really sworn me off of other fried chicken.

  35. The greatest thing I’ve eaten in LA is the Crispy Morning Glory Salad at Jitlada. I love the zesty tang of the dressing with just a hint of spice, the crunch of the deep fried water crest and the slight sweetness of the shrimp. Amazing. I thought I would say something Ludo has done, but my tastebuds have memory and they just keep remembering that salad.

  36. Hmm. I’m bad at superlatives. I cook more than I eat out, generally, but I’m assuming you want something restauranty. So I’m going to say the Lasagna at Angelini Osteria. Or Leek, Bacon, and Goat Cheese pizza at Pizzeria Mozza. Or the peaches from Peacock Farms at the Hwood Farmer’s Market. Or Harry’s Berries. Or the salted caramel squares from Huckleberry. See? I’m bad at Superlatives.

  37. Pizza, Proscuitto & Bufala Mozzarella with Olive Oil at Pizzeria Mozza. With the very first bite, I was transported back to Milan. It was my very own Ratatouille experience.

  38. The best food I’ve ever eaten in LA is Ludo’s, hands down. The most memorable first taste of my favorite of his dishes-the cantaloupe chorizo soup.

  39. Haven’t been to LA in a while, but I once feel in love with the papaya salad with blue crab at Ruen Pair =)

  40. With all the great restaurants out here in LA…from Spago to Mozza – I have to say the greatest pleasure for me out here is Kogi – tacos, burritos and that amazing blackjack quesadilla…


  41. This questions is too hard to answer, simply because of the talents and varieties we have in LA. The best dessert I’ve had recently are Choux aux Sésames from Patisserie Chantilly and Butterscotch Budino from Pizzeria Mozza…. okay, maybe these are not food enough, Fritto Misto made me happy 🙂

  42. The mythical Echo Park hand-formed blue corn tortilla Oaxacan quesadillas filled with chicharrones, squash blossoms, and huitlacoche…

  43. Everything in LA is so good. But the most unique thing I’ve tasted was the the bacon chocolate bar dessert @ ANIMAL. The bacon bar had the perfect mix of saltiness and sweetness.
    But who can resist the Fillet Mignon with Bordelaise sauce @ THE GRILL ON THE ALLEY!!!

  44. There is such a wonderful range in LA. This would be anything from my favorite bacon wrapped hot dogs at USC football games to ramen at Foo Foo Tei to almost anything I have had at a food truck or the Hollywood farmers market stands. LOVE the variety!

  45. Though it may be overdone now, the yellowtail with jalapeno and ponzu sauce at Matsuhisa is a classic for me. It was the first place I had the dish and so in my eyes, the original. Perfect blend of flavors for me!

  46. this amuse bouche from providence… a little shot glass of lemon gelee, raw salmon, crème fraiche, little rice crispies, and gold leaf flecks. yum.

  47. the harami skirt steak at gyu-kaku. meat on a grill…makes you wonder how anyone can be a vegetarian.

  48. The best thing I’ve ever eaten in LA is the tuna sashimi and sushi ice cream & soy sauce gelee @ Ludo Bites at RoyalT.

    But other favorites also include smores cake @ nickel diner.
    Thai curry Pizza @ Dean’s pizza in LB.

  49. Love the ricotta filled squash blossoms at Pizzeria Mozza. Of course, there are so many more favorite dishes in LA!

  50. The best thing I have had in LA is probably the Maltagliati with wild boar ragu at Osteria Mozza.

  51. mmmm this is sooo hard. I’ve eaten so well since I moved here…but I would say the Veal Breast at Laxy Ox canteen blew my socks offfffffffffffff. YUMMM.

  52. OK, now that I have compiled a great list of things I must go out and try by reading everyone else’s responses, I think I’m going to have to go with Shrimp Taco’s from 7 Mares on Whittier Blvd. Sadly, they closed. There’s a sandwich shop there now, and every time I pass it a little piece of me cries. I’ve eaten at some great restaurants here, but when I think of LA I think of those tacos.

  53. I have so many favorites, especially depending on what I’m craving, which seems to change moment to moment…so, at the moment, I’m craving the burger from Bowery. Nothing fancy, but adding a fried egg on top really makes that burger sing. Or maybe it’s just because of the egg recall–I want what I can’t have. Sigh.

  54. Call it obvious, but my most memorable food experience (and also the best thing I’ve ever eaten in this city) was the father’s office burger. First time I had one I devoured mine, ate half of my boyfriend’s, and then proceeded to order another for myself. Booze might have had something to do with the amazingness & my insatiable hunger at the time – but I still find myself ravenous for that damned burger nearly weekly. If only my favorite thing was rice cakes… then I’d be skinny….

  55. Hardest. Question. Ever.

    But, if I must, it comes down to the Pizza alla Benno at Mozza or the Braised Lengua with Tomatillo sauce at FIG. I frequently dream of both and wake up in a puddle of drool.

  56. Bazaar by José Andrés still sticks our as my most memorable food experience in LA. Everything was just amazing!

  57. The Green aji sauce & lomo Saltado is the best dish ever!!! My cusin took me here a year before I moved to LA. I treid every Peruvian resturant in Denver nothing come close. Now that I live we a least twice a month can’t say enough about this place

  58. The greatest thing I’ve eaten in L.A. has to be the Korean Nachos at the Ahn Joo truck.

    *I definitely have a short memory though so this is probably more like the greatest thing I’ve RECENTLY eaten in L.A.

  59. Burgers — Father’s Office, medium rare

    Fois Gras — Seared and served with a cherry compote at Angelini Osteria

    Scallops — Diver scallop seared with daikon at Providence

    Pasta – Tagliatelle with beets, nuts and tellegio cheese at Ado

    Rabbit – Rabbit two ways at Spago

  60. The best thing I have ever eaten in LA is the spicy rock shrimp roll at Koi. I could go on and on about food in this city but that’s one of my favorites and I crave it regularly! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  61. There are so many, but the ones that you cant get anymore tend to stick out. Last summer I went to Bar Pintxo in Santa Monica and they had ‘pescaditos’ on the menu. Little tiny deep fried whole fish served in a paper cone w/ their aioli. I still dream about it.

  62. It has to be Indonesian Lamb Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng Kambing) from Java Spice. Make it super spicy! I can eat that every day! Oh, don’t forget to order a glass of Indonesian Drunken Ice Drink (Es Teler)!

  63. If you plan on attending the Taste of Beverly Hills use my promo code to get $50 off your tickets when you purchase them!
    See you there!

  64. Wow, this is difficult! I’m not sure if you mean LA proper or the general LA area, so I’m covering both bases.

    I grew up in Alhambra, and from childhood onward the chili cheese fries at Top’s Jr on West Main have been my gold standard. And I’ve eaten chili cheese fries all over the nation! Wash ’em down with an Orange Bang or some horchata… I might have to brave the heat tomorrow for a bite.

    If Alhambra doesn’t cut it, well…hmmm… my memory is terrible but one of the more recent dishes I wish I could eat again would probably be the flatbread alsace pizza at Literati Cafe.

  65. I’d say the best thing I’ve eaten in LA has to be the chocolate bread pudding at the Westside Tavern.

  66. Greatest thing ever in L.A? Wow, that’s intimidating lol.I have a pretty lousy memory, making that task all the more difficult. I will say that the food I do crazy things for–like drive an hour to the valley and then wait in line for an hour or so, smiling happily in anticipation the entire time–is actually this kettle corn at the northridge mall farmer’s market on wednesday nights. Never disappoints and the joy lasts for days-or until the bag is empty, whichever comes first. I think it must be what heaven tastes like.

  67. Potato balls (papas rellanos) from Porto’s hands down. Unless you’re a vegetarian, it’s easy to get even the pickiest eater to adore these meat-filled delights.

  68. hmmmm greatest thing i’ve eaten in LA? dang that’s really hard but i reallllllllllllly enjoyed my meal at ruen pair, love my thai!

  69. The greatest thing I’ve eaten in LA? My Sunday farmer’s market tamales, all the way. Homemade and fresh, locally-sourced, and always served with a smile from Rueben!

  70. the greatest thing i’ve eaten is the sauteed baby squid at terried sake house which is no longer 🙁 living in nyc now it’s the one thing i looked forward to every time i came back to la and this trip i’m wishing i had it. pair it with the tofu & egg dish and it’s nearly heaven.

  71. the best thing i’ve eating in LA is the mushroom pizza at Mozza, after years of not finding any good Pizza in LA at all

  72. Best LA eats is Comme Ca’s bone marrow with oxtail marmalade. Mouth watering, and served on a slate dish.

  73. How can one choose? So many great places to eat! So many different kinds of food. The burger at 8 ounce? The filet mignon at BOA. The cupcakes at sprinkles. The turkey marsala at Girasole. I could go on and on.

  74. My family & I usually eat meals at home but nothing beats pho to warm you from the inside out. I like Golden Deli but my husband is partial to Vietnam House

  75. My favorite and greatest thing that I have eaten would have to be my filet at Craft- I love Tom Colicchio!! The best steak I have ever had!

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