Sep 2011

“Free Lunch” at Good Girl Dinette

Back in college, my economics professors lectured that there was no such thing as a free lunch. I believed them with every ounce of my Adam Smith-loving heart up until last week, when my friend Lien and I were treated to a free lunch. Local news station KCET generously footed our bill at Good Girl Dinette as part of a weekly web series called “Free Lunch.”

Good Girl Dinette is a sweet little spot in Highland Park where “American diner meets Vietnamese comfort food.” In this clip, you’ll see us eating, girl talking, and meeting Diep Tran, the fabulous woman behind the restaurant. We had a blast filming the segment and hope that you’ll enjoy it just as much.

And if you can’t get enough of our witty commentary, check out this “extra helping” where we offer A Vietnamese Lesson Over Pot Pie.

Thank you to the KCET crew, Katherine Spiers, Diego Nunez, and Gabriel Jeffrey, for taking us out!

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8 thoughts on ““Free Lunch” at Good Girl Dinette

  1. Hi Cathy, I came across your blog at the start of the summer and have since read every post (that’s meant to be a compliment but probably reflects horribly on me as obsessive or compulsive!) I live in England and this is the first food blog I have read, but since I ran out of posts by you, I have also started reading kevineats and dianatakesabite 🙂 Just wanted to say the video clip is great, it’s nice to see you come across exactly the same ‘in person’ as you do on the screen – the enthusiasm is catching! There are no Vietnamese food places in England – at least not up North, so I will have to go to the source to try banh mi, it seems.

  2. Lara – Thank you very much for taking the time to write such a sweet comment. It really made my day! And YES, you must go to Vietnam for a banh mi and SO MUCH MORE. I am currently in Saigon and am stuffed on the regular. There is so much to eat!

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