Apr 2012

Margie’s Candies – Chicago

Margie's Candies - Chicago

I wish I could take all the credit for following up lunch at Hot Doug’s with dessert at Margie’s Candies. But alas, that brilliant idea was all Roy Choi‘s. He’s a self-proclaimed hot fudge sundae fiend and sent me to Margie’s for a pitch perfect specimen. Hot dogs + Hot fudge sundaes = Hot damn.

Margie's Candies - Chicago

Peter George Poulos opened the ice cream parlor and confection shop in 1921 in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood. Originally named Security Sweet Shop, the place was renamed Margie’s Candies in 1933 to honor Peter’s wife. A second outpost was opened by Margie and Peter’s son Peter Jr. in 2005 in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood. Margie’s Candies continues to be a family-owned restaurant.

Margie's Candies - Chicago

Stepping inside Margie’s Candies, it doesn’t seem like much has changed since the shop first opened eighty years ago. The space has an antique chic way about it, while the service is quick and friendly.  Sliding into our brown pleather booth, The Astronomer and I admired the table side jukebox. Nifty.

Margie's Candies - Chicago | Hot Fudge Sundae

Our initial plan was to share a hot fudge sundae between our party of three, but a $2 per person split charge convinced us otherwise. Instead, my girl Kellie and I shared the hot fudge sundae, while The Astronomer ordered something extra for himself. I kind of like being bullied into ordering more ice cream than necessary. Kind of.

The hot fudge sundae ($4.95) was delivered on a fancy silver platter with a gravy boat filled with fudge on the side. Heaped into the signature clam-shaped bowl were two scoops of  house-made French vanilla ice cream (18% butterfat), mounds of whipped cream, crushed peanuts, and a Maraschino cherry on top. Two vanilla wafer cookies added a classic Margie’s touch.

Margie's Candies - Chicago | Hot Fudge Sundae

After Kellie drizzled the made-from-scratch fudge over the entire landscape, we dug in with long spoons. It was a killer sundae, just like Roy promised. A classic perfected.

Margie's Candies - Chicago

The Astronomer’s root beer float ($4.95) was a thing of beauty. Two scoops of French vanilla spilled over the rim, and as an added bonus, there were whipped cream and a cherry on top. The glass’ contents could barely be contained, and in return, we could barely contain our excitement. Slurped and spooned, every bite was fizzy, creamy, dreamy.

Interestingly, a glass of seltzer water was served on the side to dilute the float’s sweetness if necessary. We found the float to be just sweet enough and sipped the seltzer straight up.

Margie’s place is located just two miles from Doug’s, so be sure to follow up your dogs with an old fashion ice cream treat. It’s the delicious thing to do.

Margie’s Candies
1960 North Western Avenue
Chicago, IL
Phone 773-384-1035

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  1. That is a super fancy looking sundae! I can’t wait to go. I think Margie’s Candies sounds a lot better than Security Sweet Shop…

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