Dec 2012

The Serving Spoon – Los Angeles (Inglewood)

The Serving Spoon - Inglewood

Opened in 1982 by Harold E. Sparks, The Serving Spoon is a full-service diner serving Southern classics in a brightly-lit and energetic room. The restaurant, by the way, is named after a diner that was featured on the soap opera “All My Children,” Mr. Sparks’ favorite afternoon indulgence. Today the restaurant is run by his daughter and son-in-law.

The Serving Spoon - Inglewood

While the menu reads as nearly identical to those at other soul food spots in town, one whiff of the kitchen’s cooking and I understood immediately that there was something extra special happening here.

The Serving Spoon - Inglewood

Take for instance “Cookie’s Wings & Waffle,” the finest pairing of chicken and waffles that I’ve ever encountered. The well-seasoned cluck, expertly fried and outstandingly juicy, came together like a dream with the cinnamon-dusted waffle, which hit an intriguing savory note. Eaten in tandem, the flavors were rounded and harmonious—a thrilling combination of sweet, salty, and umami.

The Serving Spoon - Inglewood

The fried catfish, a boneless fillet battered and beautifully browned, was also spectacular.  The fish flaked off in tender hunks, while the cornmeal crust crunched just so. The macaroni and cheese and clove-imbued yams made for stupendous sides.

The Serving Spoon - Inglewood

Best of all was the slab of cornbread served alongside every main course. Buttered, toasted, and served with a packet of honey, it was Yankee-style all the way and delicious as all get out. Can you see the caramelized edges?

After thirty years in the business, The Serving Spoon is still serving up some of the tastiest Southern cooking in the Southland. Come one, come all, my fellow fried chicken and waffle seekers.

The Serving Spoon
1403 Centinela Avenue
Inglewood, CA 90302
Phone: 310-412-3927

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4 thoughts on “The Serving Spoon – Los Angeles (Inglewood)

  1. That looks amazing. I’ve had chicken and waffles once and I’ve fallen in love. It’s just sad that that restaurant has since closed down. Anyway, happy holidays!

  2. Wow, so not the food I normally would go for, but it all sounds really good. That cornbread looks amazing!

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