Dec 2012

Sanuki No Sato – Los Angeles (Gardena)

Sanuki No Sato - Gardena

Named after an old Japanese province on the island of Shikoku with the same boundaries as modern Kagawa Prefecture, Sanuki No Sato is famous for its udon, chubby wheat-based noodles served hot or cold.

Sanuki No Sato - Gardena

The 20-year-old dining room feels as sturdy as ever, while service is swiftly executed by a team of kimono-donning waitresses.

Sanuki No Sato - Gardena

The menu here features numerous small plates and sushi, but we zeroed in on Chef Moriaki Miyahira’s spectacularly slurp-worthy udon. To truly appreciate the noodles’ texture and nuances, I insisted on a bowl of the cold preparation. As soul-warming and comforting as noodle soups can be, hot broth tends to diminish udon’s impressive bite.

Sanuki No Sato - Gardena

The “Yamakake Nishin” paired slippery strands of udon with even slipperier accoutrements including a raw quail egg, tororo (grated nagaimo yam), and a slab of sugar-cured herring. A dainty pitcher of chilled broth was served on the side. We mixed everything together evenly for an awesomely goopy bowl of goodness.

For the slime averse crowd, toppings like mushrooms, radishes, tempura, and pristine cuts of seafood are also available.

Sanuki No Sato - Gardena

While the hot udon preparation didn’t possess the same intense bite as its colder counterpart, it still satisfied The Astronomer and me completely. The “Chikara” topped with mochi rice cakes was fantastic. It was our first time experiencing mochi in savory form; the hot broth softened the glutinous rice cakes gently and beautifully.

Whether served hot, cold, or somewhere in between, it’s impossible to go wrong with any of Sanuki No Sato’s udon offerings so as long you’re hungry and ready to slurp.

Sanuki No Sato
18206 South Western Avenue
Gardena, CA 90248
Phone: 310-324-9184

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2 thoughts on “Sanuki No Sato – Los Angeles (Gardena)

  1. I actually just came here a few weeks ago for the first time! I wanted to try the udon, but it was a pre-set menu and didn’t get a chance…next time I will have to.

  2. Have you been to Bernie’s teriyaki in Echo Park ??? It’s been there for years and years. Fond childhood memories for me. Just a hole in the wall, but great to support an self established business, that reflects the values of a community. Bernie’s Teeriyaki !!!!

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