Jan 2013

{swoon} Breakfast Sandwiches at The Parish

Breakfast at The Parish - Los Angeles (Downtown)

Even though it’s highly frowned upon to set the alarm clock on Saturdays and Sundays at the Astro-Gastro household, certain compromises had to be made this past weekend in order to satisfy my irrepressible craving for The Parish‘s breakfast sandwiches.

Painful as it was to rise to the sound of angry and incessant beeps, one bite of Chef Casey Lane’s “Fried Chicken, Maple & Pickles” ($4) and the sacrifice seemed but a pittance to pay for a reward this delicious. Who needs restful shuteye when there’s crispy fried chicken topped with pitch perfect pickles in between warm, mustard-glazed biscuits to be had?

Breakfast at The Parish - Los Angeles (Downtown)

Quite possibly even better was the “Sage, Eggs & Sausage” ($4), a creation that satisfied my McBreakfast craving in a post-Pollan world. The centerpiece, a plump and beautifully caramelized pork patty, rested on a bed of softly scrambled eggs dotted with sage. Toasty biscuits made for a fitting top and bottom. This one requires an especially ambitious jaw.

Breakfast at The Parish - Los Angeles (Downtown)

The “Trout, Pickle & Jalapeño Slaw” ($4) was made for heat seekers with a penchant for smoked fishes. In other words, it was perfect for me. The crispness of the slaw, coupled with the chili’s slight heat, woke up my palate in the most wonderful way.

I swooned before noon. Now, that’s a first!

The Parish * CLOSED *
840 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone: 213-225-2400

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6 thoughts on “{swoon} Breakfast Sandwiches at The Parish

  1. These breakfast sandwiches are making me swoon! Ever since eating the bfast sammy at pies and thighs in NY last summer I get green with envy when I see biscuits and fried chicken together!

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