Sep 2013

Lay’s Spicy Green Peppercorn Fish Flavor

Lay's Spicy Green Peppercorn Fish Flavor Chips

Who cares how they cram all that graham. The real question is: How do they cram all that spicy green peppercorn fish?

Lay's Spicy Green Peppercorn Fish Flavor Chips

On our recent travels to China, The Astronomer and I purchased a half dozen bags of Lay’s local offerings to take home and enjoy. From the “Sweetie Barbecued Pork Flavor” to the “Wildly Grilled Rib Flavor,” all were seriously tasty, but the most swoon-worthy of the bunch had to be the “Spicy Green Peppercorn Fish Flavor.”

Lay's Spicy Green Peppercorn Fish Flavor Chips

From the intense rush of heat at the start to the lingering numbness toward the end, the chips’ uncanny ability to mimic a Sichuan hotpot experience really impressed. Even when my tongue fell completely numb, I could not stop reaching for more…

Wildly flavorful Lay’s potato chips aren’t the only food products that make me swoon, here are a handful more:

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3 thoughts on “Lay’s Spicy Green Peppercorn Fish Flavor

  1. I love checking out the chip flavor offerings of other countries. I haven’t seen this one before! Wish I knew sooner. My brother was just there this summer. I would have asked him to bring me some back.

  2. Nice range of flavours! Curious… was there a fish sauce or shrimp flavour to the peppercorn chips as well? Among other food items, I brought back five bags of chips (crisps?) from London, so I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who does this!

  3. Row – Good question! Nope, they just had the fish flavor. Probably because fish is the most common protein for Sichuan hotpot. This was my first time checking out the local Lay’s flavor selection, and after reading this entry on Wiki, it definitely won’t be the last! High-five!

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