Jul 2014

{swoon} The Breakfast Pretzel at Field Trip

Breakfast Pretzel from Field Trip

I had an intense craving for soft pretzels this past weekend while shopping at the mall. Since I’m not running at all these days due to the growing little one requiring most of my mojo, I resisted the smell of buttery goodness emanating from dear Auntie Anne’s. Still, the thought of soft pretzels, served warm and tender from the oven, lingered…

Breakfast Pretzel from Field Trip

I was pleased as pie that I had resisted the food court’s charms when I stumbled upon a vastly superior specimen the following day: The Breakfast Pretzel at newly-opened Field Trip at the Hollywood Farmers Market. Now, this was a worthwhile indulgence!

Crafted by my favorite pastry chef, Sarah Lange (formerly of Hart & The Hunter and our wedding cake), the pitch-perfect pretzel was brushed with a killer combination of sausage drippings and maple syrup and finished with a flourish of flaky salt. Intertwined within the awesomely chewy dough were two golden, snappy sausage links. A little sweet and a whole lot savory, this pretzel had it goin’ on.

Get yours, Tuesdays to Sundays 7 AM to 3 PM.

Field Trip
1555 Vine Street Suite #119
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: 323-467-7600

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