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Trader Joe’s Mini Sheet Cake


I blame my current obsession with Trader Joe’s Mini Sheet Cakes on my friend Quyen. She posted an enticing Instagram of the product a month and a half ago, and ever since then, I’ve consumed a cake a week. While that might sound like an exaggeration, I assure you that it isn’t—my appetite for super-moist cake iced thick with super-sweet frosting knows no bounds.

Trader Joe's Mini Sheet Cake

The cakes come in two flavors: Dark Chocolate Ganache with a “smooth ganache cream cheese frosting” and Chantilly Cream Vanilla Bean with a “smooth vanilla bean buttercream frosting.” Both taste equally fetching and are irresistibly priced at $3.99.

Trader Joe's Mini Sheet Cake

The chocolaty creation, with its tender base and rich topping, tastes like it was baked in Duncan Hines’ or Betty Crocker’s kitchen, in the best possible way, of course. The ratio of cake to frosting, practically one to one, is just about perfect for someone who appreciates her sweets very, very sweet.

Trader Joe's Mini Sheet Cake

The vanilla number is a touch more sophisticated than its chocolate counterpart thanks to a bit of salt in the batter and frosting. The flecks of vanilla bean scattered throughout the icing add an additional gourmet element.

I alternate between the vanilla and chocolate flavors from week to week and can’t say which one is my favorite—they are both solid! As a testament to my obsession (and just for kicks), I am going to hack a layer cake using three mini sheet cakes (two vanilla and one chocolate, in case you were curious) in the very near future. I’ll keep you posted…

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11 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Mini Sheet Cake

  1. Okay, you got me at “super-moist cake”. I’ll have to pick up a cake (or two!) the next time I go stateside. 😀

  2. I’m not a huge dessert person and definitely not a super sweet dessert person, but I’m intrigued. I’ll investigate immediately.

  3. Row – Cake + too much frosting is a quintessential American treat!

    Esi – #protip Sprinkle some Maldon salt atop the cakes to reel in the sweetness. You’re welcome!

    Van – Saddest news ever 🙁

  4. This post was positively fetching! I echo Esi’s sentiments on needing to investigate this situation immediately. And definitely keep me posted if you need someone to be a guinea pig for your at hacking experiments…

  5. This cake is addictive (the vanilla) I try to eat it in little pieces (making the little sheet into 8 mini servings (my daughter thinks it should be 4 or better yet… 2 – she rationalizes it by cutting in half and making 2 layers…. she may be right…. but I digress) The moist silken sweetness of the cake is only surpassed by the creamy deliciousness of the frosting…. I am googling to try to reproduce it. The frosting seems to be pretty standard… but the cake….? I’m not having luck. Do you know? Gawd, it’s good. I think your idea to stack into layers is GENIUS.

  6. They are no longer selling this cake!!! I’m so sad! Best dessert ever!!! Everyone call Trader Joe’s and ask them to bring it back!

  7. Good Morning Cathy,

    Your review of these products was delightful. I made these recipes back in 2015 for a bakery I was working for and to read what you have written is like eating it off your page. Thank you for bringing my cakes to life and for making my day.

    Huge Thanks,

  8. Stacy,
    I realize this is more than a year later but I just called the Brea, CA store and they still carry it. I don’t know how that works for you, just thought you should know.

  9. Where was this cake all my life?? IT IS LIFE!
    I kept going into the kitchen to get a piece until I ate it all up..whhich was under 15 minutes!!!! that stuff is DELICIOUS!!!
    I am sick of the only option for sweets is price chopper with theri crappy cheap frosting and the nerve of them selling it for $20.00!!!!
    One day I bought those digusting cakes from Price chopper and when I rinsed my knife after cutting..there was still thick clear goop on my knife! which is most likely Crisco..the same crap that clogs arteries!!!

    After cutting into Trader Joe’s Chantily cake..I rinsed my knife and it was squaky clean!! no vaseline looking goop on the knife!

    As I am typing this..I am eating my second tray of this cake!!! it smells,tastes,looks delicious!!!! Please GOD! do not discontinue this!!! This cake is life in a tray

  10. Warning: As of Feb.2023, these addictive cakes have been available (at least in D.C. area) for at least past 2 years, when I — unfortunately — discovered them. Fortunately, I find the vanilla easily skippable. The chocolate, alas, is truly irresistible. But so rich that a small piece (1.5 x 1.5″) satisfies when savored in nibbles. And in the frig, it stays fresh “forever.” As part of a “dessert table,” I cut into 1×1″ pieces.

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