Nov 2015

June’s “Very Hungry Caterpillar” 1st Birthday

June's 1st Birthday

June was born a year ago today! Yay! We celebrated last weekend with family, friends, and fried chicken, as one does.

June's 1st Birthday

Since the weather is so beautiful this time a year, an al fresco party at Garfield Park in South Pasadena was the order of the day. We reserved a gazebo a few months in advance and got to planning soon after.

June's 1st Birthday

With the exception of selecting the theme and purchasing candy for the piñata, the entire affair was executed by two amazing and talented friends: Esme and Sarah. Delegation without guilt is truly a Mom’s best friend.

June's 1st Birthday

Esme set the mood for the fête with the most adorable decorations ever, complete with centerpieces and table runners.

June's 1st Birthday

She also created a month-by-month photo montage that gave The Astronomer and me a major case of #thefeels. The days are long, but the years are short, as they say.

June's 1st Birthday

We couldn’t bear to get rid of this piece after the party, so the Very Hungry Caterpillar currently resides on the bookshelf in the living room. June gets a kick out of seeing so many pictures of herself.

June's 1st Birthday

Sarah made sure that all our guests were very well fed. The splendid spread included fried chicken a la Ad Hoc

June's 1st Birthday

…little roast beef sandwiches on homemade potato rolls with made-from-scratch pickles…
    June's 1st Birthday

…a trio of salads: Moroccan carrot, German potato, and red cabbage cole slaw…

June's 1st Birthday

…and cheese, so much good cheese. June was a big fan of the smoked gouda…

June's 1st Birthday

…and last but not least, carrot cake! One for guests to enjoy, and one for June to do as she pleased.

June's 1st Birthday

June was more interested in cream cheese frosting than actual cake, kind of like her mother.

June's 1st Birthday

Things went well enough until she smothered her eyeball in icing. First came tears, then came a breakdown, and then a nap.


Happy birthday, June. You’re my girl.

Stats: 19 pounds, 2 feet 6 inches, 2 teeth (and 3 on the way)
Favorite foods: smoked salmon, shrimp, avocado, beans, bananas, pears, whatever Mom and Dad are eating
Favorite toys: books, puzzles, rubber duckies, Elmo, anything with little details to discover
Favorite books: The Little Dump Truck, Baby Animals of the Southwest, errythang Spot, eerythang Jane Cabrera
Loves: Standing, climbing, crawling, toes (a.k.a. “tootsies), head-butting, being sung to, the outdoors
Loathes: Diaper changes, being “fussed” with for cleaning purposes, barettes

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7 thoughts on “June’s “Very Hungry Caterpillar” 1st Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday, June!!! It looks like it was such a fun party – ditto exactly what Misty said! I love that one of her favorite foods is smoked salmon. That’s amazing. 🙂

  2. Aloha Gastronomer,


    She is a beautiful child.

    My departed wife was a Kindergarten, First and Second Grade teacher for 37 years plus my aunt was a PhD Professor of Child Psychology and as such I was exposed to a lots of educational values bring up children as well as acting as pseudo father bringing up and nurturing two different young ladies from birth to intellectual college adulthood.

    I have no idea what resources you have in Pasadena, CA but back on the East Coast two of my wife’s and mine resources specializing in baby to children to young adult books are:
    Eight Cousins Book Store: Located 189 Main St Falmouth, MA 02540 • 508.548.5548 • [email protected] They have a lot of soft stuffed dolls or puppets of characters from children’s books to bring the books to life as you are reading. They are very good with internet ordering.

    New England Mobile Book Fair: Located 82 Needham Street
    Newton Highlands, MA 02461 • 617-964-7440 • 617-527-5817 • [email protected]
    This is the granddaddy of all book stores as this place is impressively massive and to visit this book store is an all-day into the night adventure. The children’s books section is unbelievable massive in size! Teachers and School Departments use it as a resource center. Also if you love to cook, you will find their culinary arts book department huge with cookbooks on all types of worldwide cuisine and techniques by multiple authors. They are very good with internet ordering.

    On your next travels back to the East Coast FYI The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art: and Dr. Seuss Museum: both are a must visit with June.

  3. wow, how did I even miss her arrival? I am seriously behind the times, what a beautiful little girl you have, congratulations to you all!

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