Apr 2016

{swoon} Sarah Lange’s Morning Pastries at Elysian

Sunday Brunch at Elysian - Frogtown - Los Angeles

It’s no secret that Sarah “Bearclaw” Lange‘s pastries are the very definition of swoon-worthy. From Eat My Blog to Hart and the Hunter and Field Trip, wherever this gal bakes, I’m usually not too far behind.

Sarah’s most recent gig is in the heart of Frogtown at Elysian, a gorgeous event space that moonlights as a restaurant several odd days a week. Here, she draws inspiration from Pennsylvania Dutch culinary traditions, baking up gorgeous pastries that are rustic yet elegant.

Sunday Brunch at Elysian - Frogtown - Los Angeles

The Astronomer, June, and I couldn’t resist ordering every single pastry on offer while brunching at Elysian: a buttermilk biscuit with jam, a prune and armagnac scone, vanilla bean doughnuts with chocolate ganache, a caramel almond sticky bun, and a rye and cherry turnover. All were simply fantastic, but the scone was something else—who would’ve thought prunes could be so damn sexy? The impeccably flaky buttermilk biscuit also stood out among the bevy of delights.

I hope your weekend plans include a plank brimming with buttery, dreamy pastries.

2806 Clearwater Street
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone: 323-522-6625

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