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Fishing with Dynamite – Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach)

Fishing with Dynamite - Manhattan Beach

Let’s just get this out of the way: Fishing with Dynamite is dynamite!

And might I add, far and away my favorite of Los Angeles’ modern seafood shacks (Ahem, Son of a Gun and Connie & Ted’s). From its steps-from-the-ocean locale to Chef David LeFevre’s fantastic cooking, everything about this spot hits the mark.

Fishing with Dynamite - Manhattan Beach

Considering The Astronomer’s and my collective adoration of Chef LeFevre’s M.B. Post, it took us far too long to make our way to its sister restaurant. The airy, 35-seat seafood haven pays homage to the summers the chef spent on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, as well as to Southern California’s beach communities, according to the restaurant’s website.

Prior to making his mark on Manhattan Beach’s dining scene, Chef LeFevre spent seven years at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago and six years as Executive Chef of Water Grill in Downtown Los Angeles.

Fishing with Dynamite - Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach)

Most everyone digs into pristine seafood, minimally fussed and chilled over ice, to start. We shared the smallest of the composed platters, “The S.S. Minnow” ($45), which was comprised of four lovely oysters, two meaty clams, four butter-poached shrimp, six steamed mussels, and half a lobster.

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Dream Team: Charles Phan & David LeFevre “Can You Dig It?” Collaboration at M.B. Post

Chef David LeFevre & Chef Charles Phan "Can You Dig It?" Collaboration - M.B. Post

When M.B. Post’s Chef David LeFevre and Slanted Door’s Chef Charles Phan joined forces last Monday night in the name of charity, the results were nothing short of fantastic.

Chef David LeFevre & Chef Charles Phan "Can You Dig It?" Collaboration - M.B. Post

While Chef LeFevre is best known for his way with seafood (and bacon cheddar biscuits), Chef Phan is a pioneer of “modern Vietnamese cooking.” The chefs found common ground this evening in their mutual appreciation for bold, Southeast Asian flavors and ingredients. In spite of their different backgrounds and strengths, the menu gelled harmoniously.

This unique kitchen collaboration was made possible by Common Threads, an organization that both chefs support, which is dedicated to educating children on the importance of nutrition and physical well-being and to fostering an appreciation of cultural diversity through cooking.

Chef David LeFevre & Chef Charles Phan "Can You Dig It?" Collaboration - M.B. Post

The “four” course, family-style dinner began with a hamachi crudo with crispy shallots and Thai basil from Chef Phan.

I’ve eaten crispy shallots on top of just about everything from noodles to crepes and sticky rice, but never atop raw fish. The thin, caramelized bits paired beautifully with the thick-cut yellowtail.

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Weekend Brunch at M.B. Post – Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach)

Brunch at MB Post - Manhattan Beach

A leisurely brunch followed by rollerblading on the beach is one of my favorite weekend activities, one that I don’t get to do nearly enough because the boardwalk’s so darn far from home. When it happens though, I am happy as a clam (quite possibly even happier!).

Brunch at MB Post - Manhattan Beach

The Astronomer and I hoofed it to Manhattan Beach for our most recent brunching and blading session. Before lacing up our wheels, we sat down for Chef David Lefevere’s post-bangin’ (wink, wink) brunch at M.B. Post.

Brunch at MB Post - Manhattan Beach

I’ve been meaning to brunch here for at least a year now, so it was imperative that I make up for lost time by ordering every single dish that caught my eye. Everything on the menu was served family-style and arrived as soon as the kitchen finished firing.

The first dish on the scene was the “Belly Button Bagel” ($10) schmeared with dill cream cheese and layered with house-cured trout lox, capers, and red onions. While the bagel didn’t do much for me eaten straight up, the entire package was so damn good.

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M.B. Post – Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach)

MB Post - Manhattan Beach

It usually takes a lot of convincing to get me to dine anywhere west of Hollywood on a weeknight, but all it took was a straightforward invitation for me to make the trek out to Manhattan Beach Post to try Chef David LeFevre’s food. LeFevre is a former industrial engineer who honed his cooking chops under Charlie Trotter before earning a Michelin star as the executive chef at Water Grill in downtown Los Angeles. M.B. Post is his first solo venture.

MB Post - Manhattan Beach

Chef LeFevre has ditched fine dining for family-style fare at his new beach-front digs. The rustic, soulful, and communal dishes coming out of the kitchen reflect the style of food that the chef personally enjoys preparing and eating.

MB Post - Manhattan Beach

Housed inside the town’s former post office, the setting is casual and boisterous. The Astronomer and I dined here on a Monday night, along with our friends Lien, Kat, and Christina, and the space was impressively packed. It turns out that the Manhattan Beach crowd was hungry for a “social house.”

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