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Olympic Noodle – Los Angeles (Koreatown)

Olympic Noodle - Koreatown

In honor of the Olympic Games, I present to you Olympic Noodle: the homiest of restaurants serving the homiest of foods.

Olympic Noodle - Koreatown - Los Angeles

In addition to notable noodles and delightful dumplings, Olympic Noodle is home to the best kimchi I’ve ever tasted. While I’d normally be pretty bummed with just one lowly radish banchan, the kimchi’s unparalleled excellence made up for it. So crisp, so well balanced, so moreish.

Olympic Noodle - Koreatown - Los Angeles

The Astronomer and I were joined by our friend Alex this afternoon, which meant we could order three dishes—the portions here are huge. Fresh-from-the-steamer mandu was the first to arrive.

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The Prince – Los Angeles (Koreatown)

The Prince - Koreatown - Los Angeles

Tis the season for turkey, but I can’t get my mind off of Korean fried chicken.

A few years back, I’d frequent “KFC” joints several times a month, power ranking each spot as I went along. I lost my momentum and enthusiasm somewhere along the way, but quickly picked up where I left off at The Prince. Fingers sticky and lips burning, it was easy to remember how these deep-fried birds found their way into my heart.

The Prince - Koreatown - Los Angeles

According to the restaurant’s website, The Prince was originally known as The Windsor. The interior, forever frozen in the roaring ’20s, boasts a genuinely stately feel with ruby red accents at every turn—from the carpet to the wallpaper, lamp shades, and table cloths.

The Prince - Koreatown - Los Angeles

As luck would have it, our party of five was seated right next to the pianist. He warmed our hearts and spirits with his rousing renditions of “Let it Be” and “Hotel California.” The best seat in the house!

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Jun Won Restaurant – Los Angeles (Koreatown)

Jun Won Restaurant - Los Angeles (Koreatown)

My Korean food cravings fall into three neat categories: meaty, greasy, and homey.

When all I want is a feast of flame-licked meat, DonDay and Kang Hodong Baekjeong never fail to please. If it’s kick-back bar food that satisfies my mood, OB Bear and Dwit Gol Mok always treat me right. And to scratch my comfort food itch, I let the ladies at Ma Dang Gook SooJeon Ju, and my latest obsession, Jun Won, do their thang.

Jun Won Restaurant - Koreatown - Los Angeles

Jun Won makes the kind of everyday fare that Korean moms and grandmas prepare for their brood. Opened in 1994 by Jung Ye Jun, the restaurant can be difficult to find. I parked and entered through the back, following the signs that read “Korean Restaurant,” of course.

Jun Won Restaurant - Koreatown - Los Angeles

The seafood-centric bill of fare was printed onto place mats, but before getting down to deciding what to order, my dining mates Lien, Natasha, and I took a moment to relish in the banchan scattered about the table. Jun Won’s regulars swing by three to four times each week, so Ms. Jun makes sure to change up these little nibbles every day. Fermented squid, several varieties of kimchi, wilted sprouts, marinated cucumbers, and fish cakes are constantly rotated in and out.

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Ma Dang Gook Soo – Los Angeles (Koreatown)

Ma Dang Gook Soo - Los Angeles - Koreatown

Comfort cuisine reigns supreme at Ma Dang Gook Soo, a charming den of Korean home cooking. Ladies donning red-striped aprons were quick to pour glasses of iced barley tea as The Astronomer and I perused the menu and considered the plethora of dishes available.

Ma Dang Gook Soo - Los Angeles - Koreatown

The food photographs plastered overhead were helpful in narrowing down the array of options.

Ma Dang Gook Soo - Los Angeles - Koreatown

To start, we shared an order of mandu, boiled dumplings stuffed with minced pork, tofu, and scallions. A dab of vinegar and a touch of soy sauce and these parcels were all set.

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