Oct 2011

Saigon Classics: Goat Three Ways, Coconut Ice Cream, and Vietnamese Fried Chicken

Lau De 304 - Ho Chi Minh City

Somewhere near the top of my list of must-eat restaurants in Saigon are Lau De 304Công Trường, and Su Su. The first specializes in goat prepared a myriad of ways, the second serves the dreamiest ice cream ever, and the third fries chicken in a most unique fashion.

Old haunts like these are meant to be revisited with old friends, so we reserved these beloved spots to dine with Hawkins, a southern gentleman who came to live in Saigon by way of Georgia. It had been much too long since we broke bread with our friend.

Lau De 304 - Ho Chi Minh City

One of my favorite dishes at Lau De 304 is the grill-it-yourself goat (de nuong). The meat is served raw and thinly sliced with a charcoal brazier. The grill’s fiery temps cook the meat in snap. Then, it’s dunked in a fermented tofu sauce for extra pow. Grill, dip, eat, repeat—that’s how we do.

Lau De 304 - Ho Chi Minh City

The next dish to arrive was fried goat in a tangle of lemongrass threads (de xoi xa). This preparation turned the goat’s flesh slightly crispy, with a distinct lemongrass essence.

Lau De 304 - Ho Chi Minh City

Another must-order preparation is the ca ri de made with Madras curry. As the broth bubbled and boiled aggressively, we sponged it up and scooped up the meat and vegetables with warm baguettes. This dish is as soulful and satisfying as it gets.

Coconut Ice Cream at Turtle Pond | Kem Trai Dua Ho Con Rua

Following our three-course goat dinner, we motorbiked to Turtle Pond (Ho Con Rua) for dessert at Công Trường. This place is more of a snack shack than an ice cream parlor, so the choice of flavors is limited, while savory bites are available in abundance.

The best thing here is the kem trai dua: two scoops of coconut ice cream served inside a fresh young coconut topped with crushed peanuts, dried bananas, pineapple preserves, and a dried plum “cherry.” The coconut’s juice is chilled and served on the side. In the hot, hot Saigon heat, this baby tastes incredible.

Com Ga Xoi Mo at Su Su - Ho Chi Minh City

Our final stop on our trip down memory lane took place the following afternoon at Su Su, which is located on a serene stretch of Tu Xuong street.

Com Ga Xoi Mo at Su Su - Ho Chi Minh City

Su Su is like no other gà xối mỡ (Vietnamese Fried Chicken) slinger in town. Rather than frying chicken in a wok like everyone else, the owner here invented a contraption where a cascade of hot grease literally rains down on each wing, leg, breast, and thigh. The results are sizzling, moist, and snappy. Not to mention, absolutely mesmerizing to behold.

Com Ga Xoi Mo at Su Su - Ho Chi Minh City

The freshly fried portions of chicken were served with a large scoop of tomato-tinged rice, slices of tomatoes and cucumbers, and a life-changing garlicky sauce made from chicken drippings. The Colonel ain’t got nothing on Su Su.

Is it just me or does food taste better served with a side of nostalgia?

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7 thoughts on “Saigon Classics: Goat Three Ways, Coconut Ice Cream, and Vietnamese Fried Chicken

  1. Daniel – Good question! Other than shear entertainment value, I have no idea how this method is superior to traditional deep frying. I will have to ask Su Su’s owner the next time we meet. Then, I shall let you know!

    Nina – Sadly, food prices have doubled 🙁

  2. These are going on my must visit list for Vietnam.

    Somehow I don’t think the Health and Safety department would like hot oil showering over chicken in the kitchen.

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