May 2013

Bernie’s Teriyaki – Los Angeles (Westlake)

Bernie's Teriyaki - Westlake - Los Angeles

Lunch at Bernie’s Teriyaki marked my first foray into Historic Filipinotown, the business district located in the southwest section of Echo Park. Opened in 1977, Bernie Cruz’s namesake restaurant dishes up Filipino barbecue with a nod to Hawaiian plate lunches. My friend Thien has been a loyal fan of this grillin’ hut since her high school days and highly recommended it for a laid back, no frills, damn satisfying lunch.

Bernie's Teriyaki - Westlake - Los Angeles

Value conscious consumers will feel at ease at Bernie’s, where prices are low and plates are piled high. Most everything on the menu was priced in the neighborhood of $5 and provided enough provisions for two well-portioned meals or one really hefty feast.

Bernie's Teriyaki - Westlake - Los Angeles

The Astronomer and I split one beef, chicken, and pork teriyaki platter ($5.25). After paying at the counter and waiting for a bit, we picked up our food at the front window.

Bernie's Teriyaki - Westlake - Los Angeles

Bernie’s signature charbroiled proteins arrived on a bed of fluffy and garlicky fried rice with a side of Thousand Island-dressed iceberg and tomatoes. The  meats on a stick boasted an impressive char and moist, juicy innards. I loved how the tangy dressing seeped onto the rice and meat, tying every element together in creamy, dreamy fashion.

Bernie's Teriyaki - Westlake - Los Angeles

After 36 years in the business, Bernie’s Teriyaki feels as relevant as ever. Good food and even better value will never go out of style.

Bernie’s Teriyaki
318 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Phone: 213-250-8413

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2 thoughts on “Bernie’s Teriyaki – Los Angeles (Westlake)

  1. Very nice! I remember passing by this place a few years ago when my husband and I did a Hi-Fi tour and mini food road trip. Didn’t stop by that time but hope to check it out if we go up to LA again.

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