May 2013

{swoon} Peking Duck at Duck House

Duck House - Monterey Park

Before dropping in at Duck House for lunch or dinner, it is essential to reserve your bird at least an hour beforehand. While this might seem like a fussy thing to do in a thoroughly unfussy neighborhood, it really is very little work to guarantee a pristine Peking-style duck served in a timely fashion. Life offers few promises as satisfying as this one.

If you’ve done your proper due diligence, a generous platter framed with crispy skin shards surrounding a heap of shredded duck meat will arrive at the table soon after you are seated.

Duck House - Monterey Park

To assemble your Peking duck wrap, smear a thin wheat pancake with bean paste, followed by a shower of scallions and cucumbers; finally, add in one or two pieces of golden brown skin. Rendered almost completely of its fat, the skin is simultaneously crunchy and rich. All that’s missing is some coarse sugar a la Da Dong in Beijing.

The salty sauce and assertive onions balance out the skin’s intrinsic sumptuousness. The combination of flavors somehow gets better and better with each bite.

Duck House
501 South Atlantic Boulevard.
Monterey Park, CA 91754
Phone: 626-284-3227

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4 thoughts on “{swoon} Peking Duck at Duck House

  1. Ermergerd, look at that skin! Kinda like deep dish in that you have to put in your order an hour ahead of time…except this tastes so much better.

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