Sep 2013

{Instabites} September 2013

{Instabites} September 2013

{nothing says “i missed you” like a gift of top pot, what’s a pudong?, the last of summer’s stone fruits baked into a whole wheat cake, #rlxpdxrlx, a bone-in lawry’s cut for mom, that’s what she said, donut frenemy, observing national hamburger day (at a hot dog shop), sarah’s got nice bunz, paul mccartney on hollywood boulevard…damn, blueberry + bourbon + basil doughnut, i loved my cubby, mom-approved bun rieu (!), grindz, old friend}

a note: i can’t recall in recent memory a month as exhilarating and as exhausting as september was. these past 30 days were book-ended by amazing travels—a 10-day-stay in china at the start and a weekend jaunt up north to portland at the end. both were epic in their own way. in between days were filled with the day-to-day grind, making the final edits on my soon-to-be-released book, and of course, so many doughnuts. wake me up when september ends.

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7 thoughts on “{Instabites} September 2013

  1. My bunz are so thrilled to be included in this collage! And I’m so thrilled to have spent a small bit of this exciting month with you!

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