Dec 2014

Falafel Arax – Los Angeles (East Hollywood)

Falafel Arax

Before diving into the best dishes of 2014 for my annual roundup, I have one final restaurant to review: Falafel Arax.

Falafel-Arax - East Hollywood - Los Angeles

The Astronomer, my mom, and I made our way here for dinner while Baby Girl was still stuck in the hospital. While we would’ve preferred to bring our sweetie home straightaway, we couldn’t have asked for better dining options around the hospital. We’re all about the silver lining around here.

Falafel-Arax - East Hollywood - Los Angeles

For well over 25 years, Falafel Arax has been dishing up Armenian delights in the heart of East Hollywood’s Little Armenia. Our dinner began with a requisite helping of beet-stained pickled turnips and potent pepperoncinis.

Falafel-Arax - East Hollywood - Los Angeles

I ordered the “Arax Combo” ($11), a well-portioned platter that included three falafel, a heap of shawarma, and an iceberg and tomato salad drenched in tahini.

Falafel-Arax - East Hollywood - Los Angeles

While the shawarma had its beefy, charred charms, it was the unbeatably light and well-spiced falafel that won the table’s hearts.

Falafel-Arax - East Hollywood - Los Angeles

I requested some garlic sauce (not pictured) to slather on the slab of warm pita served on the side. While the sauce was too intense for Mom and The Astronomer, I could not get enough of its garlicky goodness.

Falafel-Arax - East Hollywood - Los Angeles

The Astronomer’s lamb tongue sandwich ($8) was as sensational as The J. Gold promised. The toasty bread gave way to tender and rich hunks of stewed tongue. Delicious!

Falafel-Arax - East Hollywood - Los Angeles

Mom went with the shish kebab sandwich ($7.50) and was quite pleased with her selection, especially with the addition of pepperoncinis. The seemingly skimpy pita held on to the contents with aplomb.

Falafel-Arax - East Hollywood - Los Angeles

For dessert, The Astronomer insisted on ordering more falafel ($.60 per piece), so that’s what we did.

Arax Falafel
5101 Santa Monica Boulevard, Ste. 2
Los Angeles, CA 90029-2479
Phone: 323-663-9687

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One thought on “Falafel Arax – Los Angeles (East Hollywood)

  1. I’ve heard the falafel there is tops! Bummed I never made it over while I was working in the hood. Will definitely need to make it out in 2015 – maybe for dessert? 😉

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