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Copenhagen Pastry – Pasadena

Copenhagen Pastry - Pasadena

I have never been particularly stoked about Pasadena’s dining scene in the seven years that I’ve called it home. Don’t get me wrong, Pie ‘n Burger and Lucky Boy will always have a very special place in my heart-slash-stomach, but one cannot live on cheeseburgers and breakfast burritos alone.

Recently, however, the city has experienced a surge of exciting openings that have my sentiments shifting. New additions to the culinary landscape like Union (pasta!), Lincoln (pastries!), 85 Degrees (taro buns!), Little Sheep (hot pot!), Blockheads (shaved snow!), 800 Degrees (pizza!), and Copenhagen Pastry have made Pasadena tastier than ever before. Score!

Copenhagen Pastry - Pasadena

Following the success of the original Copenhagen Pastry in Culver City, owner Karen Hansen opened a second outlet in East Pasadena this past December. The specialty here are Danish pastries like the ones she grew up eating in Denmark.

Nearly all of the pastries here are made from laminated dough—yeast-leavened dough that’s folded 27 times over with layers of butter. The pastries are filled with various ratios of almond paste and custard, along with cinnamon, almond flakes, and fruit.

Copenhagen Pastry - Pasadena

On my first visit to the bakery, I selected half a dozen pastries to share with The Astronomer. The most visually arresting was the Morning Poppy ($1.60)—the “carpet of poppy seeds” added textural interest and a touch of nuttiness to the almond paste and flaky pastry.

Copenhagen Pastry - Pasadena

I also picked up the namesake Copenhagen ($1.95) featuring vanilla custard and stripes of chocolate and plain icing. The bakery’s website calls this one “sunshine caught in a pastry” and I’d have to agree.

Copenhagen Pastry - Pasadena

I couldn’t resist trying both varieties of danishes, one apple and the other raspberry. In spite of their name, danishes are actually Austrian in origin according to the bakery’s website. Fun fact!

The apple danish ($1.95) was my favorite of all the pastries; the sweet and buttery dough paired delightfully with the tart apple filling and almond paste.

Copenhagen Pastry - Pasadena

The Astronomer, a raspberry fiend, unsurprisingly fancied the raspberry danish most ($1.95). We both agreed and appreciated that the danishes’ fruity fillings were well balanced and not overly sugary.

Copenhagen Pastry - Pasadena

The Nougat Crown ($1.95) was lovely too, with its triple filling of almond paste, custard, and hazelnut cream. Mmm…hazelnut cream!

Copenhagen Pastry - Pasadena

And finally, a cinnamon roll ($1.95) topped with icing. This one was the flakiest of them all.

Copenhagen Pastry brings a sweet slice of Denmark to Pasadena. Welcome to the neighborhood!

P.S. I cannot wait for Plan Check and Superba Coffee and Snacks to open later this year!

Copenhagen Pastry
3731 East Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91107
Phone: 626-792-7200

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5 thoughts on “Copenhagen Pastry – Pasadena

  1. I’d like to know whether the icing on these pastries reflects how they are served there or is it just an adjustment for American tastes? I suspect the latter but I’m not from Denmark and haven’t been there yet.

  2. Lol, Eric! I think I’d be the size of a house on that diet 😉

    Paul – Good question! While I’ve never been to Denmark, I would venture to say that the icing is an “authentic” touch. The owner and baker are pretty adamant about using traditional recipes. Plus, the icing itself isn’t too sweet like most American frostings are.

  3. Something to note, my daughter has a severe allergy to dairy and they have several items that are dairy free. I know the apple and cinnamon are dairy free. So delicious and can’t figure out how it’s made with no dairy!

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