Aug 2013

Cousins Maine Lobster at Live Mixx Lounge – Pasadena

Cousins Maine Lobster at Live Mixx Lounge – Pasadena

After spending a pretty penny at Connie & Ted’s for a New England seafood lunch that neither lived up to its hype nor merited its cost, I was inspired to find a lobster roll fix that offered a solid value.

While I adore Lobsta Truck’s $12 roll, I have mostly retired from chasing food trucks these days. The $8 lobster roll from Son of a Gun is another good option, but I require two (or possibly three) of these petite bites to really be satisfied.

Cousins Maine Lobster at Live Mixx Lounge – Pasadena

My search for a reasonably priced and totally tasty lobster roll, that didn’t require stalking a moving vehicle, started and ended at Cousins Maine Lobster at Live Mixx Lounge in Old Pasadena.

This permanent pop-up is run by Sabin Lomac and Jim Tselikis, the cousins behind the Cousins Maine Lobster truck. The guys grew up together near Portland, Maine and launched their truck in 2012.

Cousins Maine Lobster at Live Mixx Lounge – Pasadena

Live Mixx Lounge serves as a club by night and a seafood shack by day, and as a result, the space looks and feels very strange.

Cousins Maine Lobster at Live Mixx Lounge – Pasadena

Thankfully, the food we sampled this afternoon wasn’t as confusing as the ambiance. In fact, it was very much delicious. The Astronomer and I shared two lobster rolls, one Maine-style “served chilled, touch of mayo” and the other Connecticut-style “served warmed with butter.” Both were priced at $13.50.

Cousins Maine Lobster at Live Mixx Lounge – Pasadena

Big hunks of fresh and sweet lobster meat? Check. Toasted, split-top bun? Check. Thoughtful preparation? Check. The Astronomer and I were pleased as pie on all fronts with our lobster rolls.

Cousins Maine Lobster at Live Mixx Lounge – Pasadena

Still feeling hungry after polishing off his lobster roll and both servings of chips, The Astronomer ordered the Lobster Tacos ($11). Three good-sized tacos arrived in a basket. Accompanying the lobster were shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, and cilantro lime salsa, all atop warm corn tortillas. The amount of lobster meat wasn’t as plentiful as the rolls’, but the flavors were just as good.

For a brick and mortar lobster roll that doesn’t break the bank (I’m looking at you, Water Grill and Hungry Cat), head to Cousins Maine Lobster’s off-wheels operations. The surroundings might be seriously lacking, but one taste of the lobster and it won’t mean a thing.

Cousins Maine Lobster at Live Mixx Lounge *CLOSED*
115 East Colorado Bourlevard
Pasadena, CA 91103
Phone: 424-666-7240

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3 thoughts on “Cousins Maine Lobster at Live Mixx Lounge – Pasadena

  1. I worked in Old Town until last year, and I never saw this place! What a waste of excess arterial space.

  2. First had their rolls straight off the truck outside the Pasadena courthouse and they were totally worth the half hour long line! Caught them first week they opened at Mixx. The club is *meh*, but the location on Colorado and Arroyo Parkway is awesome, the guys were super friendly, and the lobster rolls, plate and chowder, all memorable…they fly the lobster in daily and you can really taste the difference!

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