Apr 2015

{swoon} Blueberry Doughnut at M&M Donuts

The best damn #doughnut I've eaten this year: M&M Donuts' Blueberry Cake. Featured today on GastronomyBlog.com! #Anaheim #swoon

While making our way south on The 57 to San Diego last Friday night, the idea of stopping into Anaheim’s M&M Donuts for a taste of their famous blueberry doughnuts popped into my head. With a sleeping baby in the back seat and possible long lines to consider, decisions needed to be made quickly and assuredly. The promise of glossily glazed rings, purple speckled and piping hot, proved too enticing to resist.

M&M Donuts - Anaheim

While some blueberry doughnut seekers have been subjected to two-hour-long waits, I was fortunately able to score some in under 10 minutes this evening. Ordering three doughnuts ($1 each) rather than three dozen definitely helped. Pro tip: Don’t be a glutton.

With every batch fried to order, the doughnuts’ glazed exteriors were fantastically crisp and craggly. The deeply satisfying crunch of my first bite was simply unforgettable. The interior—tender, moist, and somehow fluffy—completed the scene. The doughnuts were so damn delicious that it didn’t seem to matter that the batter contained no actual blueberries.

M&M Donuts
1614 West Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92802
Phone: 714-490-0718

Orange you glad you’re in Orange County?

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3 thoughts on “{swoon} Blueberry Doughnut at M&M Donuts

  1. oooh, the wait! We live probably 5 mins away from this place and I just won’t get in the line…sigh…
    You may want to try the Donuttery for comparison next time. On par with M&M, but more variety and almost non existent wait times.

  2. Anh – As crazy coincidence would have it, a single chocolate glazed chocolate doughnut from Donuttery was left for the taking in the break room at work just now. It tasted solid.

  3. The doughnut gods have spoken! You must try the Donuttery next ^_^ Doesn’t hurt that they are in the same plaza as Snow Monster too. You can get your snow and doughnut fix in one swoop.

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