Jul 2015

Dune – Los Angeles (Atwater Village)

Dune - Atwater Village - Los Angeles

The Astronomer, June, and I made our way to Dune for lunch last Sunday. I’d been meaning to check out this highly touted Atwater Village falafelria since it was opened earlier this year by the folks who run Elf Cafe.


June really liked Dune’s outdoor seating and fast-casual service, while The Astronomer and I appreciated that our spread arrived quickly. Efficient service is one of the perks of waiting a solid six months before trying a “hot” spot.    

Dune - Atwater Village - Los Angeles

The menu here is awesomely simple, offering just a trio of sandwiches, a few composed plates, and a smattering of salads and snacks. The Astronomer and I ordered a little bit of everything and enjoyed leftovers the following day.

Dune - Atwater Village - Los Angeles

With the summer sun beating down on Glendale Boulevard, we were both looking forward to the Rosemary Lemonade ($4). Unfortunately, the drink’s herbaceous notes weren’t as pronounced as we had hoped. It tasted like plain ol’ lemonade. 

Dune - Atwater Village - Los Angeles

To start, we nibbled on lovely organic dates ($4) dressed up with rosewater, olive oil, and sea salt.

Dune - Atwater Village - Los Angeles

The hummus plate ($6), which came with malfouf (a cabbage slaw of sorts), olives, pickles, and greens, was a meal in and of itself. The perfectly pliable grilled-to-order flat bread was the highlight of the platter.

Dune - Atwater Village - Los Angeles

In addition to sharing two appetizers, we went for gold and ordered all three sandwiches. The vegetarian “Pickled Beets” sandwich ($9) on Bub and Grandma’s ciabatta came chock full of good stuff: toum (garlic spread), pickled beets, capers, kalamata olives, marinated onions, Bulgarian sheep feta, soft boiled egg, shoestring potatoes, and greens.

Every messy mouthful was terrific!

Dune - Atwater Village - Los Angeles

Also meat-free and delicious was the “Organic Green Herb Falafel” ($8) on house-made flat bread with hummus, pickles, malfouf, tahini, and shoestring potatoes. The chickpea nuggets were crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and satisfying through and through.

Dune - Atwater Village - Los Angeles

My favorite sandwich was the “Pasture Raised Lamb” ($10) served on flat bread with toum, lemon-turmeric yogurt, marinated onions, and greens. The lamb—ground, grilled, and caramelized—was wonderfully gamey. Love!

Atwater Villagers are lucky to have this sweet little spot.

3143 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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  1. awww, June is beautifull!! haha, this looks like a nice spot for an afternoon snack if we are ever in the area. Our boys like sitting outside too where we can make a little more noise without being frowned upon. Dining sans kids and after kids is just so so different…

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