Jan 2017

9021Pho – Los Angeles

9021Pho - Los Angeles

I appreciate a good food pun as much as the next gal (see: @DianaTakesaBite), but never liked 9021Pho because it encouraged the mispronunciation of an often mispronounced dish.

PSA: In case you’ve been informed by food puns gone wrong, it’s “fuh,” not “faux.”

9021Pho - Los Angeles

Chef Kimmy Tang opened the first 9021Pho in Beverly Hills in 2009. Since then, the mini-chain has expanded to West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, and Glendale shutdown completely.  I visited the outlet in the Glendale Galleria while at the mall for work. It was dinnertime and Thien and I were hungry, so we ducked in for a bite.

9021Pho - Los Angeles

Thien and I went halfsies on a sandwich and a bowl of pho. The charbroiled pork banh mi ($11) came stuffed with cucumber, lettuce, pickled carrots and daikon, jalapeños, and cilantro.

The baguette, lightly mayo’d, could’ve been fresher, but overall, it was a palatable banh mi. The sweet potatoes on the side were a little limp, however.

9021Pho - Los Angeles

And then there was the pho bo ($11), a well-portioned bowl of rice noodles, rare beef, meatballs, beef brisket, onions, and cilantro.

Truth be told, Thien and I were prepared to be disappointed given our distaste for bad puns, but fortunately, there was no need to fret—9021Pho’s pho was totally decent. The soup was fragrant and flavorful, while the protein held its own.

9021Pho - Los Angeles

The garnishes were served on the side: a collection of bean sprouts, lime, and Thai basil.

Thanks for the satisfying meal in a pinch, 9021Pho. Now, can we rework that name?

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5 thoughts on “9021Pho – Los Angeles

  1. TJ – Thanks for the heads up. I saw that Glendale closed, but didn’t realized they were ALL closed. Poor timing on my part, and bad luck on theirs. On to the next pun…

  2. $11 seems exorbitant by Orange County standards, but I guess it’s different in parts of LA. Come to the OC and do a sampling of banh mi places for a story! For the price of two banh mi in pricey parts of LA you can easily sample the goods at 4 to 5 places here… ^_^

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